Will Data Science be automated?

“Will data science be automated?” is our argument of the article. Normally, a data Scientist accomplishes many phases and tasks to originate

“Will data science be automated?” is our argument of the article. Normally, a data Scientist accomplishes many phases and tasks to originate insight from a raw data set. This is often a very tough and time-consuming process. Automated data science includes a number of tries to automate the data science route.

Data science is a work of quintessence and it has involved in every field like medical, business, farming, mechanical industries, and technology. This vast field of data science is combined with a number of techniques and disciplines. Now, we need to make data science more meaningful and valuable by its democratization.

Will Data Science be automated?: What does AI Automate Today?

Even if the objective of end-to-end automated data science is quite yet far, a lot of chunks of the data science channel have been successfully automated.

Here is a comprehensive summary of numerous such cases:

Automated Data Collection

Automated Data Collection System is a well Built-up system which is used for data collection. In other words, automated data collection is a process that is used to extract knowledge and information using different sources of data.

Here are given some common examples given of automated data collection:

  • Credit card swipe
  • Barcode reader
  • Finger Print

Automated Data Integration

The process of automated data integration involves integrating data into a single base from various sources that contain different types of data. With an enlightening interface, the automated data integration method has been fully programmed, allowing for an explicit data model. On the other hand, the use of such data integration tools is fairly some degree.

 For example, an accurately independent system should be able to automatically identify the nature of the data and the ETL phases compulsory for the use, in a given set of data sources.

Automated Feature Engineering

Automated feature engineering is a procedure for building new features from raw data to increase the predictive strength of the learning algorithm. When generating a prophetic model using machine learning or statistical modeling, feature engineering raises a procedure of choosing and converting variables the procedure involves a grouping of data analysis, put on rules of thumb, and judgment.

Such problems which is involving text, video, and audio have understood significant accomplishment by means of deep neural networks where feature engineering plays an integral role to build a model.

Visualizations and Decision Making

After modifying the dataset, according to the requirement, the outcomes of machine learning are further processed for visualization. Automation becomes less achievable. In existing data visualization apparatuses, handlers must know their data well in order to generate worthy visualizations.

He needs such tools that recommend visualization automatically rather than manual tools. This method is not a completely mechanical system until now and there is a need for the user human conditions as professional rules.

Afar visualization, the last objective of data science is decision making. Automated Professional Intelligence systems are software applications that use automated procedures to extract useful structural knowledge. It suggests a structural design to lead the growth of such systems.

Will Data Science be automated?: How can AI Automate end-to-end Data Science?

Reinforcement Learning

In Reinforcement learning, the program agent act during a situation where what action desires to be performed in a specific situation. In return to each action, agents obtain rewards or penalties by the situation.

Reinforcement learning is frequently used in video games where the agent marks a set of decisions to gain simulated rewards after victory. This kind of circumstance put on seamlessly to the automated machine learning model wherever the achievement of an individual model selection can be evaluated easily.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subclass of machine learning and artificial intelligence that is used to mimics the mechanisms of the human neural network in order to predict different kinds of outcomes. This technique learns without the supervision of a human. The Automated Deep Learning problematic spots down to planning a scheme within a given dataset.


The main goal of meta-learning is to improve the set of rules of learning by itself. In Meta learning, automatic learning set of rules are implemented on metadata. A truthfully automated system can mark reward determined conclusions. It is fair similar to any intelligent system. Even if, by reinforcement learning, this objective is accomplished to some degree.

Will Data Science be automated?: Key Contributions

The following are described main components or key contributions;

Planning and Development Engine

The planning and development engine is executed by means of the MARIO method. It also consists of a goal-driven proposer that have to find different systematic streams that are similar to a pre-identified objective. The proposer achieves two core roles. One is the discovery of accessible analytic streams for examining data, and the second role is assortments and sorts of parameters those analytic streams need.

Learning Controller

By means of a learning-based method, the learning controller incorporates all information that extent from the user partialities, analytic apparatus presentation, and outer knowledge. This methodology permits us to exist the user with constant modification of performance approximations of analytic apparatuses.

User Interface

The user interface, also called the visualization component, of the system, constructs on INFUSE. INFUSE passing a real-time observation and mechanism of all the decisions, to data scientists, autonomously prepared by the controller.

In other words, at any slot of the time, the manipulator can update the selected analytic set of rules stream rendering to their knowledge which includes feature collection and selection, and development of a model.

As a result, the employer interface consists of the presentation of the accurateness and forecast presentation which accomplished by the higher accomplishment analytic flows, as well as a clear presentation of the contributions of the input features to the


By analyzing all facts and figures regarding “will data science be automated” it is concluded that the nature of the work is going to change gradually. Data science can be partly automated but still, need human in the loop. Data Science already partly automated.

We are not manually performing different tasks. We are used to integrating learning techniques, planning and composition techniques, and adaptation methods to build an efficient model automatically. Perhaps simplified, but hard to imagine complete automation.

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