What are the Best Text to Voice Software?

Text to voice software is designed to convert written text into spoken words. This technology is useful for creating audiobooks, video voiceovers and can help people with visual impairments.

The main function of a text to voice software is to bring on-screen words to life. So, if you want to create artificial voiceovers for videos or want to hear your writing aloud, text-to-speech (TTS) software is all you need.

In the past, people used text apps and dictation softwares for this purpose. But these apps came with limited functionalities, including accent and language. Also, these apps did not come with the full suite of functions. Thus, the dictation softwares and text apps were limited to only generating audio of documents.

However, now with TTS softwares – especially the AI ones – the users have a free hand to create voices of their own language and accent choices.

Today, there are 63 different text-to-voice softwares in the market that convert text to voice in a quick time. So, we spent multiple hours researching and comparing all of them to find the top 4 to save you time.

So, in this article, we will briefly introduce all four text-to-speech software, their pricing, features and cons to give you the best chance to pick one for yourself. We will also enlist our recommendation at the end, so read it to the end to pick the best option for yourself.

Before we review the top 4 text-to-speech softwares, let’s first understand how TTS software works.

How Text to Voice Software Work?

If you are wondering how the software works, then know that text-to-speech software work in a streamlined process. Each software is equipped with a toolkit that converts basic text to speech of your choice and version.

These types of softwares are programmed with assistive technology – sometimes called read-aloud technology- that converts words into audio. Text-to-speech software takes words on a computer or other digital media device and changes them into audio with a click of a button or a finger’s touch.

In simple words, most TTS softwares use artificial intelligence (AI) and neural network technology to generate audio of a text. This advanced software reads the text line by line and then combines each line into a single sentence. The most advanced softwares can also create a natural-sounding speech that is human-like while on the go.

TTS softwares work with every device, whether it is a computer, tablet, or smartphone. With this softwares, every text can be read-aloud, even if it is an online web page or a page document. Generally, the voice used in a text to voice software is computer-generated, with an option to change the accent, pitch, and even speed.

The voice quality varies with every software, and some voices sound like humans too. Add to this the fact that with TTS software, you can generate voices of children, adults, and grown in both male and female versions.

Some softwares also come with a technology named optical character recognition or OCR. It enables the softwares to read text aloud from images. For instance, you are in the street, and there is a sign that you are unable to read. So, if you have TTS software with OCR technology, you just need to take a picture, and the sign will turn it into audio.

Once you know the working of a text to voice software, let’s now understand which profession use text-to-speech softwares the best.

Top Professions Which Use Text to Voice Software

The text-to-voice software first included only robotic voices, but now it is incorporating many pre-recorded human voices. With this advancement, many industries and professions have started using it. Today, this technology has become almost inevitable for some professions as it helps them prepare easily accessible content without much hassle.

Below we have enlisted the top four professions that use text-to-voice softwares on a large scale to serve their employees and customers better.

1.   Banking and Finance

It is considered the first industry to use text-to-speech technology. The professionals in finance use text-to-voice software to create IVR support for its customers. With this, they do not need to hire thousands of people for the basic services of voiceover. Instead, they do this IVR technology.

Additionally, customers use IVR to get details about their bank accounts, insurance policies, and credit cards. Banking professionals use voice recognition services to access apps easily and account with the help of speech. They also use the text to voice technology to train new employees.

2. E-Learning

This industry uses text-to-voice software on a very large scale. Today, most educational institutes and professionals provide education with the help of interactive media like audio and videos.

Educational professionals also use text-to-voice technology to convert words into audio files and videos. The most sublime example of E-learning are eBooks, educational videos and online courses.

3. Telecommunication

Telecommunication is a highly customer-centric industry. Telecom professionals also use IVR technology to serve their customers.

IVR technology helps professionals to keep their customers engaged. When a customer call for telecommunication service, it will take you to IVR, and the IVR will greet you with excellent customer service.

4. Automotive Manufacturing

Car manufacturers also use voice to text softwares in advanced vehicles to guide their customers better. The voice technology enables the customers to easily follow instructions, adjust car temperature, check routes and perform other tasks. Car manufacturing companies use text to voice software to provide all the advanced services.

5. Travel and Tourism

In travel and tourism, the biggest problem is the language barrier. However, with the help of text-to-voice software, people can easily communicate with people worldwide.

This softwares also help travel agencies to make announcements in different languages and develop self-ticketing stations for customers. Not only this but the TTS softwares can also be used to communicate with clients and help them.

Once you know what text to voice software is, how they work and which profession uses them best, it is time to finally delve into our list of the best text to voice softwares.

Best Text to Voice Software in 2023

1.   LOVO AI

LOVO AI is the most advanced and cutting-edge platform that has completely changed the way we create and use artificial voices. After comparing it with other options in the market, we have found this tool highly impressive with its amazing capabilities.

To explore the LOVO AI tool more, let’s discuss its important features.


One of the standout features of LOVO AI is its ability to generate human-like voices. The voices are so similar that it is virtually indistinguishable from real human speech. LOVO AI uses deep learning algorithms to analyse and replicate human speech’s nuances. This tool focuses on voice intonation, pacing and emphasis to make it look like a real human voice.

Another notable feature of LOVO AI is its ease of use. The platform is highly intuitive for non-technical persons as they can easily create high-quality voiceovers and other audio files.

The interface is clean and user-friendly and offers various customisation options. It also offers different accents, styles of speech and languages to yield the user with excellent results. Plus, it allows granular control over the output settings to give the user more audio output control.

Additionally, the LOVO AI also leads other text-to-voice softwares in speed and efficiency. It generates high-quality voiceovers in a matter of minutes. Due to this feature, the LOVO AI is highly rated by business professionals who must quickly produce large volumes of content.

Let’s quickly see the pros and cons of using LOVO AI in order to give you a better view of the product.


  • 400+ Voices: The software comes with 400+ different voices, making it an excellent choice for businesses as well as individuals to improve their text’s delivery and reach
  • 100+ Languages: It supports 100 different languages, and more are in line to replace the human voiceover talent
  • Human Like Voice: It has the fine-tuned ability to make the voice more like a human
  • Pronunciation: It also comes with pronunciation editor which can customise the pronunciation as you wish. With this editor, you can also teach the voice AI how to pronounce a certain word.
  • Background Music: The platform offers a background music option as well along with the voice
  • Production: Whenever you convert a text into voice, the program gives you a shareable link to either share it on social media or transfer it to higher authority for review
  • Speed: The additional, yet powerful benefits include speed control, voice cloning, pause customisation, and emphasis capability.
  • Tailor Voices: Produces tailored AI voices for social media, explainer videos, marketing, e-learning, podcast and more.
  • Emphasis: With its ’emphasis’ tool, you can stress important words in your text and even highlight key points. You can also utilise the emphasis feature to draw attention and create a more persuasive AI voice.


  • Choice of Voice: The choice of voice for each language is a little limited, but it is increasing with time
  • Limited Emphasis Option: The emphasis option is limited to a few voices only
  • Plain UI: The user interface may look plain and boring to some people but it is easy to use

LOVO AI Video Explainer

Perfect Your Voiceovers with LOVO Studio!

LOVO AI’s Pricing Plan

The LOVO AI text to voice software comes with three plans. Let’s discuss each in detail.

Free Plan

LOVO AI offers a 14-day free trial of the pro plan, so you get to test all the features and decide whether you want to commit to it. In the free plan, you get 20 minutes of voice generation credits and 10 downloads in total.

You also get 1GB of storage to store your audio and video files and later export them wherever you want. The best thing about LOVO AI’s free plan is that you do not need to enter your credit card details in order to get the free plan.

Click here to get LOVO AI’s free trial.

Basic Plan

LOVO AI’s basic plan starts at 25 USD a month. However, if you commit to it for a year, the cost drops to 19 USD a month, making it 228 USD yearly. The basic plan is for individuals as well as business personnel who want to create excellent content for their audience. The plan comes with 2 hours of voice generation credits and 20+ premium voices, which can be customised according to the script needs.

It also comes with 3 emotional voices, which can generate 20+ different emotions according to the content. You can also store unlimited videos with a heavy 30GB storage and unlimited download option in 1080p video quality. The basic plan gives you access to all the available 100+ languages to read your text aloud with full commercial rights.

Pro Plan

LOVO AI’s pro plan is the most popular, with premium professional performance. The pro plan has 5 hours of voice generation credits and 20+ premium voices. Like the basic plan, it also comes with 3 emotional voices with 20+ emotions to better narrate your script to the audience.

You can also leverage 100+ languages to make your content global. With 100GB storage, the professionals can store unlimited content. It also offers unlimited downloads with 1080p video export quality. The pro plan goes beyond the basic plan by offering beta voices, priority queue, priority support and producer mode.

You can get the Pro Plan for 36 USD per month if you subscribe to its yearly plan and 48 USD a month if you take it just for one month.

LOVO AI also has an enterprise plan which they deploy on-premise and on CPU. With its enterprise plan, LOVO AI has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to date. The platform provides reliable service with SLA agreements and enterprise-grade security ready. If you want to get an enterprise plan, you can contact hello@love.ai for more information.

Final Words

All in all, this tool is highly recommended if you are looking for a powerful and user-friendly platform for high-quality voiceovers and audio files. The platform is reliable, efficient and affordable and can be an asset for anyone looking to enhance their audio content.

Get the LOVO AI’s free trial now to start.

2.  Talkia

Talkia is a text to speech software that uses AI and deep learning algorithms to generate human-like voices. it enables users to create voiceovers for different purposes like videos, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. The text to speech software has many language and voice options, allowing users to change the voiceovers according to their needs.

This text to voice software was built by Brxyen, the same company that created doodly, toonly and voomly as the parent company. It is designed to work across multiple devices. So, you can use this voiceover solution for different special applications.

To understand Talkia better, let’s first start with its features.


The most sublime feature of Talkia is its speed. It can generate voiceovers in just a matter of seconds, probably faster than any other text to speech software available. Additionally, it offers various customisation options, including adjusting the speed, tone and pitch to make the script more understandable.

Second, Talkia’s user-friendly user interface makes it easy for new users to navigate and create voiceovers quickly. That means if you are not tech-savvy and want to use this software without any guide, you may get the required voiceover on your first try.

Third, Talkia can create voiceovers with genuine human voices. It is a luxury that you don’t get with many voiceover solutions available in the market. The team behind the Talkia text to voice software spent years developing and testing the tool. They wanted it to provide a reliable text-to-speech solution that delivers a natural human voice with real emotions.

Forth, Talkia gives you leverage to access the various options, including choosing the type of voice you want to use for voiceover. You can select the gender, type of accent and tone of voice to make the voiceover more professional and according to your needs.

Five, with Talkia, you can also select the delivery type of your script. For instance, you can pick the option of newscaster-like to make your script sound like a newscaster. Or you can select a conversational tone to deliver your message in the conversational tone. Overall, it lets you deliver your message loud and just right every single time.

Once you know the features of Talkia text to speech software, it is time to learn its pros and cons, pricing plans and whether you should buy it.

Pros and Cons of Talkia Software

Talkia have made it to our top four text to speech software list because of its unique functionalities, affordable pricing and ease of use. Below are the brief positives and negatives of the software.


  • Support Multiple Languages: With Talkia TTS, you can create voiceovers in any language you choose. It has over 404 voices in its enterprise plan.
  • Myriads of Customization Options: With Talkia, you can access a lot of customisation options. All the options can give your voiceovers a definitive touch for your listeners.
  • Sleek User Interface: In LOVO AI, we discussed how the user interface was plain and boring, but in Talkia software, the user interface is very sleek and attractive. It ensures you can find your way around the platform without any struggle.
  • More Affordable: When you compare Talkia’s prices with other text to voice softwares in the market, it tops the list for affordability.
  • Multiple Accents: An accent adds more authority to your voiceover and makes it more attractive while setting the right tone. With Talkia, you can also create the perfect-sounding VO.
  • Pauses: A pause is an all-important feature that can change your voiceover. Talkia lets you customise the pauses in the script so that you can add them to your voiceover. You can also select the pause duration to make the voiceover more interactive.
  • Emphasis: Talkia also enables you to stress specific words within the script. With that, you can emphasise your main points perfectly.


  • No Free Trial: Unlike other text to speech softwares, Talkia does not offer a free trial. It is a shame, especially when other text to speech resources provide it.
  • No Lifetime-use Option: It also does not offer a lifetime-use option, meaning you must pay it every month or year.
  • No Commercial License: With Talkia, you do not get a commercial voiceover license. License is only available in the higher-tiered plans.

Talkia Pricing Plan

Talkia comes with two plans: Standard and enterprise. Let’s see each plan in detail.

Standard Plan

The standard plan starts at 39 USD per month if you subscribe for a month. However, if you subscribe for a year, the monthly cost drops to 20 USD. The standard plan has 1000 words per voiceover, with 102 voices in total. Of these 102 voices, 43 are male, and 59 are female.

Along with these, you also get 4 youth voices with multiple accents to add flavour to your script. Additionally, you get 30 different background music tones to make your voiceover more interesting. However, in the standard plan, you do not get commercial rights over voiceovers.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is for more prominent organisations and companies that deal in voiceovers regularly. The monthly price of the enterprise plan starts at 69 USD a month and drops to 40 USD a month if you subscribe annually. The enterprise plan allows you to create 5000 words per voiceover. It has as many as 404 voices, giving a wide variety to pick from.

Of these 404 voices, 166 are male, and 238 are female. It comes with 23 youth voices that are a great addition to the already fascinating 404 voices. The most significant advantage of an enterprise plan is that you get the commercial right of your voiceovers with it. Finally, the enterprise plan has 150 different background music to choose from.

Talkia’s Review Video Version

Final Words

All in all, Talkia text to speech software is a useful tool for users who require voiceovers for projects requiring a lot of variety and customisation. The user interface is also easy to understand and does not require prior technical knowledge. However, it does not offer a free trial, so you have to buy it first in order to try it.

One great thing about the software is that you get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the software’s working. You can start with a standard plan to test the software whether it meets your specific requirements or not and then subscribe to its enterprise plan if you need to.

You can get Talkia’s Standard and Enterprise Plan by clicking Here.


Sonix AI is an online text to voice software that provides automated transcription and translation services using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. The software is designed to make it easy and efficient for individuals as well as businesses to read aloud written text to audio and video files.

Sonix AI offers transcription services that are straightforward and easy to use. Users just need to upload their audio and video files to the platform, and Sonix AI automatically transcribes the content into text.

To understand the platform better, let’s delve into the details of its features.


Sonix AI has a very fast turnaround time. For instance, for short recordings, it only takes as low as 30 minutes. Also, the platform offers options for faster delivery with minimal additional charges.

The software also uses a combination of automated transcription and human editors to make sure high levels of accuracy and quality. The output can be customized to include timestamps, speaker identification and other formatting options.

Additionally, Sonix AI offers translation services in more than 40 languages. It means the platform can be very much useful for businesses and individuals who need to translate audio or video script for a global audience.

With its latest artificial intelligence features, Sonix has built the world’s most advanced transcription, subtitling and translation platform. From short transcripts to full-scale video production, Sonix AI allows you to run workflows in almost any language. It also eliminates tedious work and enables you to focus on the work that matters the most.

Lastly, the software supports various audio and video formats such as MP3, WAV and MP4. So you don’t have any problem uploading your files. It is best used for audio and video producers, journalists, researchers, podcasters, filmmakers, authors, producers, lawyers and content marketing specialists.

Once you know about the features, let’s discuss the pros and cons, pricing and whether you should get it.

Pros and Cons of Sonix AI

SONIX AI is an excellent tool to make your videos accessible, searchable and more enjoyable. It is automated yet flexible, so you can perfectly change and fine-tune your videos. Below are some of its pros and cons.


  • Quick and Accurate: Sonix AI can rapidly and accurately transcribe audio and video files, saving users a lot of time.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Even those unfamiliar with transcribing software can efficiently utilise Sonix AI because of its user-friendly interface.
  • Multi-Lingual: Sonix AI’s multilingual support makes it a valuable tool for users who work with clients worldwide. Sonix AI can transcribe audio and video data in several languages.
  • Integration with Other Tools: Workflow automation is made possible through Sonix AI’s integration with a number of other tools, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zapier.
  • Customer Support: This software offers fast and reliable customer support to resolve your problems.


  • High Pricing: Sonix AI is rather pricey compared to competing transcribing software, which may not be the best option for consumers on a tight budget.
  • Limited Customization: Sonix AI does not provide many possibilities for customization, which could be a problem for customers that need particular formatting or have other preferences.
  • Limits on Speaker Identification: Sonix AI may have trouble identifying speakers in audio or video files with several speakers, which may lead to errors in the transcription.

Sonix AI’s Pricing Plan

Sonix AI comes in three plans: standard, premium, and enterprise.

Standard Plan

The standard plan is perfect for project-based work as it works on a ‘pay as you go’ model. The standard plan starts at $10 per hour and includes 38+ different languages to choose from. It is an in-browser transcript editor and creates word-by-word timestamps of a video.

The main features that come with this plan include speaker labelling, automated diarization, notes and commenting, text exports in word, docx and pdf, subtitle reports, and custom dictionaries. Apart from automated translation and automated subtitles, you also get 10 GB of secure file storage for 90 days.

Premium Plan

The premium plan is more frequent as it comes with advanced collaboration tools. The premium plan starts at $5 /hour plus $22 per user /month. You can save up to 25% if billed annually. The plan comes with all the features of the standard plan and additional features like multiple custom dictionaries, multitrack upload, and automated timecode realignment.

Unlike the standard plan, you also get the side-by-side translation comparison and multi-language subtitle creator here. The plan also offers to customise subtitle font, colour, position, size, and burn-in subtitles. The users get up to 50 GB of storage to store their files. The option of social sharing and chat support is also available, which was missing in the standard plan.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is for high-volume transcriptions that require advanced user controls and billing options. The enterprise plan has no fixed price, as it varies depending on your requirements. So, you need to decide the price with the enterprise team.

The enterprise plan includes everything that comes with the standard and all the additional features that come with the premium plan. Users get 100 GB of secure file storage to store their files. In the search and content analysis domain, the enterprise plan offers entity detection, topic detection and auto-detect keywords and phrases.

You also get advanced admin controls, detailed file event tracking, team activity tracking, and account audit logs in the enterprise plan. With email and chat support, you also get phone support, a dedicated account manager and advanced training for users.

Sonix AI’s Video Explainer

Final Words

The bottom line is that the software is a reliable and efficient platform for transcription and translation services. It is a mixture of automated transcription and human editing, which ensures quality and accuracy.

The tool’s customisation and collaboration features are also versatile for business and can significantly impact your business.

Click here to start your free trial of Sonix AI.


Murf AI is a text to voice software that helps you simplify voiceovers using artificial intelligence. It changes the way you produce and edit voiceovers, enabling you to create lifelike, seamless voices in just minutes.

The company has seen rapid growth in recent years with over 40,000 voiceovers created on the platform from users in 120+ countries. So, if you ever had the need to create realistic voiceovers that sound like an actual human, you need Murf AI.

To know the software, let’s dig deeper into its outstanding features.


Murf AI text to speech software is built with special features that help the user generate voiceovers and edit them in a simple way. It ensures that everyone gets value from the platform, even those who have no experience or skill.

One best features of Murf AI is its seamless experience and great voice quality. In Murf, the user gets a ton of great audio varieties across multiple age groups. The user can also modulate the audio by modifying speech, pronunciation, pitch, etc, and build more realistic audio by using the customized dialect.

The software also offers pitch shift features and built-in speed adjustments to make high female voices sound like low male voices and vice versa. You can also change the sound quality by adding different effects like reverberation, phasing, flanging and chorusing.

Finally, the Murf software provides robust customer support to assist the user get the most from the platform. The company’s pre-sales and technical support are so great that every time you reach out to them, they provide you with knowledge and friendly support. It gives the support in following ways:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Account manager
  • Tutorials

Once you know the features, let’s talk about the pros and cons, pricing and is it worth the price.

Pros and Cons of Murf AI


  • Variety of Voices: Murf AI has a wide range of voices to choose from. These voices include both female and male voices with multiple accents.
  • Creates Perfect Voices: You can change the voice speed, tone as well as pitch in order to produce the perfect voiceover.
  • Extra Effects: There are a lot of additional voice filters including monster voices and helium voices. You can apply these effects during or after the voiceover recording.
  • Robust Security and Data Protection: Murf uses 2-factor authentication with clear role placement and regular reviews of risk assessment.
  • Google Slides Add-on: The Murf AI software also comes with an optional Google Slides add-on feature


  • Expensive: The premium plan may be cost-effective for businesses but for individuals it is pricey. However, the software also comes with a free plan which is better suited for individuals.

Murf AI’s Pricing Plans

Murf AI comes with a free Forever plan, which allows you to test some of its features without any credit card requirement. It has 3 monthly subscriptions for individuals, pros and teams. It is worth noting that you can get a hefty 33% discount if you choose to pay annually.

Basic Plan

The basic plan starts at $29 per user /month if you subscribe for only a month. However, the cost drops to $19 per user /month if billed annually. In this plan, the user gets access to 60 basic voices, 10 languages, 24-hour voice generation service, a collaborative workspace, 8000+ licensed soundtracks and chat and email support.

Pro Plan

The pro plan starts at $39 /month if billed monthly and $26 when billed annually. In the pro plan, the user gets access to 120+ voices, 20+ languages and accents, 48 hours of voice generation per user, 24 hours of transcription per user, a collaborative workspace, an AI voice changer, commercial usage rights and high-priority support.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan comes with only a billed annually option and starts at $59 per user /month. The enterprise plan contains everything in pro, plus unlimited voice generation, transcription and storage, collaboration and access control, dedicated account manager, service agreement, security assessment, single sign-on (SSO), training and onboarding support, and deletion recovery.

Murf AI is a SaaS tool and can be accessed via an online browser at any time from any device.

Murf AI Video Review

Is Murf AI Worth the Price?

Murf AI is considered the best AI voiceover software with a ton of resources that make it not only cost-efficient but also extremely fun to use. With Murf, you can create excellent voiceovers in just minutes. It is also best in terms of natural-sounding voice and customization. So, all in all, Murf AI text to speech software is a good option to pick at this price.

Price Comparison of All Four Text to Speech Softwares

Below is the price comparison of our top four text-to-speech softwares.

LOVO AI$25$48
SONIX AI$10 /hour$5 /hour + $22 /month
MURF AI$19$26$59

(All the prices are based on annual pricing)

Final Verdict

Have not been able to decide which text to voice software to pick? Don’t worry. We will give you our best recommendation to make your decision firm.

Our best recommendation for one text to voice software is MURF AI. This software is not only time and cost-efficient, but it also comes with a lot of resources that make your voiceovers extremely fun to listen to.

Unlike other text to speech softwares, the process of sending scripts and then downloading voiceover is not tedious and time taking. Plus, it has a superb collection of natural-sounding voices, so you don’t need any additional software.

If you are on the fence about whether to go for it or not, Murf also has the option of a free trial to start using it for testing. So, all in all, it is the best deal when all four options are compared.

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