Top 10 Programming Languages in 2020

We will look at the Top 10 Programming Languages in 2020, as there are hundreds of programming languages to select and learn.

We will look at the Top 10 Programming Languages in 2020, as there are hundreds of programming languages to select and learn.

If you are new in the software industry then one question clicks in mind “From where to start?” Each language has its own benefits and limitations.

Depending on your interests and goals, you can start learning software development by choosing one of the languages.

For the year 2020, there are ten in-demand programming languages that every newbie should learn.

Top 10 Programming Languages in 2020 in the Computer Programming World

1. Swift Programming

It is used in iOS development. Because Apple devices have a huge demand in market that’s why swift has also high demand.

Swift language has been used in the development of Linux, iOS, iPads and MacOS.

Top companies like Uber, Lyft and LinkedIn are using swift as a mean of product development.

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2. C# Programming

It was developed by Microsoft with full Object Oriented Programming features. It is used in desktop application development as well.

It is also used in game and mobile application development.

Many companies like Apptension and Cyber infrastructure Inc. are using C# features in their application development.

Learn more about C#

3. Scala Programming

After its name “Scale” means it is always ready to grow. Scala programming language is also seen as a better version of java.

If you are interested in data science and big data, then Scala is a better option to learn. It is used in machine learning and algorithm development.

Many companies like New York Times and The Swiss Bank UBS have used Scala to develop their applications. It was also used in Android Programming.

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4. R Programming

R language is widely used in Data analysis and machine learning. It allows integration with C / C++ language.

Big Organization like Facebook, Twitter and Google are using R language for advertising, behavior analysis and data visualization.

It is commonly used in big data, data science, scientific research and statistics.

Lear more about R

5. Python Programming

Many technologies in 2020 rely on Python Programming like Big Data, Machine Learning, Networking and Artificial Intelligence.

Some websites like FlipKart, Instagram and Youtube are using Python Language.

To produce high quality performance Nase, Red Hat and Google are using strong features of Python Language.

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6. Java Programming

Big organizations always prefer to hire java experts. Android apps, scientific applications, e-commerce, financial applications, games and electronic trading systems are using java programming.

You can develop a single desktop application or even distributed application using java programming.

In distributed computing field, there are lots of opportunities for java programming experts.

Learn more about Java

7. JavaScript / Node.js Programming

Machine Learning, Gaming and Internet of Things (IoT) are greatly using JavaScript programming.

Some of the web browsers like Netscape and Firefox are using this language. No doubt, JavaScript will remain the BOSS Language in web development field.

8. Golang Programming

Golang or Go is designed by Google. Its demand in 2020 and in coming future is going to be increased.

Golang is playing a lead role in the development of in demand technologies like Internet of Things (IoT). Some important features of Golang are full hardware utilization and platform compatibility.

It is widely using in back-end technologies, distributed networks and cloud services. Big companies like DailyMotion, Uber, Google and Fabric have developed many applications using Golang Programming language.

It is considered as highly paid programming Language.

9. C / C++ Programming

C / C++ language is the Qualification required for a Software Developer to get hired for all other programming languages.

Many top languages like Swift and Golang have been written in C / C++. In the fields of Finance, Accounting, Astronomy and Bioinformatics, there will be future applications of C / C++ programming.

10. PHP Programming

It is the most in-demand language along with CMS development.

Most popular social media site Facebook has been developed by using PHP programming.

Apple Inc. is working on its open source development feature.

Popularity of Programming Language Index

Top 10 Programming Languages in 2020 – Conclusion:

Select the programming language that suits best on you according to your interest.

Keep an eye on updates, as technology is changing day by day.

By learning one of these languages, you will be in a good position not only in 2020 but in the years to come.

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