Top 10 DevOps jobs

DevOps is one of the most trending job roles and this blog (top 10 DevOps jobs) attempts to provide an understanding of where…

DevOps is one of the most trending job roles and this blog (top 10 DevOps jobs) attempts to provide an understanding of where the most demand lies within this section of Information Technology.

In recent times, software development techniques and tools are getting gradually advanced to enhance the quality and productivity of IT applications.

The organizations have started to include comprehensive cloud components that revolutionized the infrastructure to managed services. As a result, a greater need for comprehension between development and operations teams is required. Hence, DevOps demand in the market is increasing rapidly.

DevOps as a new trend has impacted the traditional IT industry by replacing old job designations and roles with new ones. I will let you know about trending top 10 Dev-Ops jobs that will help to choose the right DevOps carrier path.

Top 10 DevOps Jobs

1.     DevOps Engineer

The first place in our top 10 DevOps jobs is DevOps Engineer, also known as platform engineer. The requirements are to have a complete understanding of the software development process and show expertise in tools used for digital pipeline development.

DevOps engineer works mutually with the IT staff and developers to supervise code releases.

DevOps engineer should have hands-on experience in Terraform, Ansible, Puppet and Chef, and in-depth knowledge about cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP). A person as a DevOps engineer should have experience in continuous delivery pipelines/ continuous integration (CD/ CI) development and proficiency in Git workflows and scripting. Well, salaries of any post vary according to company, experience, and skills.

The estimated average salary of DevOps Engineer is $121,589 per year.

2.     DevOps Lead

The first place in our top 10 DevOps jobs is DevOps Lead. The person who observes the whole DevOps cycle and has the responsibility to execute the process properly is DevOps lead or DevOps Evangelist. His/ Her duty is to balance the availability of non-production and production environments.

The DevOps lead should have good command on tools and technologies that will help him to decide which is suitable for the specific project. Normally, 3 to 4 years of experience in DevOps is required for the job.

As DevOps lead sits at the top of all procedures so he/ she should have knowledge and skills to implement CI/CD pipelines and goods experience in tools like Chef, Git, Jenkins, Puppet, Zabbix, NAGIOS, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Azure, AWS, OpenShift, etc.

The average salary of DevOps Lead is $114,551 per year.

3.     Kubernetes Administrator

Kubernetes is the biggest tool in DevOps and an open-source platform for controlling and managing the IT services and systems. A Kubernetes Administrator is responsible for designing and providing solutions to support Kubernetes cluster. Moreover, configuring hardware, services, and peripherals along managing storage and setting are his duties.

A Kubernetes Administrator should be an expert in deploying cloud applications and monitoring the Kubernetes environment.

$144,648 is the average salary of a Kubernetes Administrator.

4.     DevOps Release Manager

A DevOps release manager is a professional and well-experienced person in software domain who has in-depth knowledge of deployment cycle and software development. He/ She is responsible for all ongoing projects and multiple DevOps deadlines and pipelines. The release manager should have 3 to 4 years of experience in IT field.

DevOps release manager controls software delivery lifecycle and manages documentation and project planning for team. Release manager also fulfil roles such as quality assurance, risk mitigation and proper communication between management and technical personnel.

The average salary of DevOps Release Manager is almost $132,690 per year.

5.     DevOps Testing Professional

A professional who writes automated test cases in development for the software applications. DevOps testing professional should have 2 to 3 years of experience in IT software testing and good command on tools like Cucumber, Selenium and Silktest.

DevOps testing professional should be able to produce automated test pipelines and code in Java, Python. Strong knowledge of unit testing and software testing makes a person more preferable for this Job.

The average pay scale of DevOps testing professional is around $50,000 annually.

6.     DevOps Automation Expert

A person having 2 to 3 years of experience in IT mainly in Linux and Unix machines is DevOps automation expert. A person appointed on this job is responsible for creating automated pipelines using Gitlab, Chef, Puppet, and Ansible. DevOps automation should have excellent skills in programming languages such as Python, Perl, Shell script, and tools like SVN, GIT, etc.

Approximately, $50,000 per year is the average salary of DevOps automation expert.

7.     DevOps System Engineer

A person whose duty is to monitor and maintain IT infrastructure system is designated as DevOps system engineer. He/ She should be eligible to design fault-tolerant and highly available systems in both environments. System engineer should have an outright understanding of MySQL, Linux, UNIX, OpenShift, AWS, Azure, Python, Shell script, Perl, etc.

The estimated average salary of DevOps system engineer is round about $100,000 annually.       

8.     Software Developer

A software developer willing to work in an organization that is utilizing DevOps technologies and tools then an individual should have expertise in coding (Ruby, C, Java, etc), minimum experience of 2 to 3 years in tools like SVN, Git, etc.

A DevOps software developer should be proficient in commercial IDEs such as Komodo, Intellij idea, etc. He/ She should have strong knowledge of data structure and algorithms.

DevOps software developer’s average salary is $104,000 per year.

9.     Security Professional

Security professional in DevOps having 2 to 3 years of IT experience ensures security and risk-free environment for the system infrastructure. They gain access to security loopholes and work to reduce security threats. Security professional knows each and everything about the system and cloud security that help him to tackle threats.

A DevOps security professional should be an expert in tools like Wireshark, Metasploit, Nmap, Snort, etc. and well experienced in penetration testing, IDS and Firewalls.

The average salary of a Security Professional is round about $100,000.

10. Reliability Engineer

An individual is responsible for maintaining the quality of orchestration and tools integration that is required for daily operations. This role comes first when an organization thinks about DevOps which binds masterfully the data storage infrastructures and cloud solutions with the existing infrastructure.

The average salary of DevOps Reliability Engineer is estimated about $88,650.

Top 10 DevOps jobs in 2020 – Conclusion

As it’s all about the new emerging IT technologies and tools which are efficient than the traditional ones. DevOps contains a lot of momentum. Being professional, you can learn and earn by choosing the right carrier path from these top 10 DevOps jobs to meet the evolving IT industry demand.


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