Top 10 Cyber Security Skills In Demand (2020)

We will need to understand the ‘Top 10 Cyber Security Skills In Demand 2020’ as the pandemic has has bought in a new set of security risks..

We will need to understand the ‘Top 10 Cyber Security Skills In Demand (2020)‘ as the pandemic has bought in a whole new set of Cyber Security challenges.

Cybersecurity is a very trendy and booming field right now. The industry is quite challenging, and there is a huge demand for cybersecurity experts to work with various companies. Every company requires a cybersecurity expert to help protect their digital assets. One might be eager to pursue a career in this field. However, the cybersecurity skills required to be a cybersecurity expert professional are not known to many.

As this is entirely new in the market and it is already rising, the demand is increasing gradually. Those who are tech-savvy and have trained themselves can well benefit from the cybersecurity skills and certifications they have got.

Companies prefer hiring such certified experts and that too for a hefty amount of salary. Cybersecurity is a very new subject in the market, and it is going to be here for a while. To be an expert or a pro one must have exceptional skills to work like a pro. These days, companies prefer only expert professionals.

Cybersecurity Skills In Demand

Here we will be listing the ‘Top 10 Cyber Security Skills In Demand (2020)” that you must demonstrate expertise to become a professional.

1. Communication Skills

Communication skill is an essential and necessary skill, no matter you belong to which industry. A cybersecurity professional is even more vital as the individual needs to communicate with various departments of the organization. Being an expert might not always be possible for others to understand the terms and explanations which may be too technical or relevant to Cybersecurity. In such cases, the expert might have to explain it thoroughly for others to apprehend. An expert should have the ability to convey the problems and solutions to other technical experts in a concise and precise manner.

2. Basics of Hacking

While Cybersecurity deals with protecting digital assets, so a universal term that is relevant to this field is hacking, an expert should know the basics of hacking because after all, that is what can likely be a threat to an organization. It is crucial for cybersecurity personnel to know about ethical hacking in detail.

3. Security Architecture

Cybersecurity personnel should be well aware of the security practices and the technical details involved with the organization’s security. Being acquainted with this skill will help the staff to handle any threats to the organization that deals with security policies or practices. Some of the common security problems could be phishing, Dos attacks, ransomware, and other malware.

4. Critical Thinking and Analytical Ability

Personnel must have proper analytical skills to deal with any violation or threat to the organization. One has to think clear and calmly while dealing with such situations. In some cases, a person might have to make decisions in favor of the organization and lead them to help get over any such trouble. However, personnel who are well acquainted with network applications and analytical abilities will be capable of avoiding the occurrence of any such mishap in the very first place.

5. Prevention of Malware

Cybersecurity personnel should know about the software basics, which help avoid any threat to the software. There is technical support provided by such software that helps detect and prevent the occurrence of such risks. Some of the very primary kinds that we are aware of include firewalls and anti-virus software.

6. Digital Forensics

A cybersecurity professional should have a basic idea of the various investigative procedures and different tools that can be used to trace data and other suspicious activities that might occur in a particular network in an organization. Digital Forensics means a collection of suspicious data or other loopholes that might be present in a digital system or environment.

7. Project Management Skills

Cybersecurity personnel should have leadership qualities as well. One needs to put in all the security solutions to avoid any loss of the company. Even to prevent cyber attacks, one must have well enough technical skills relevant to the field. Instead of focusing on each problem and finding a solution, the better option would be to create a complete defense mechanism that can be implemented in the company. Such a technique will help protect all the company resources from any threat.

8. Leadership Skills

Ethics and sincerity would denote the leadership qualities, while leadership skills are closely related to communication and project management skills. But one needs to be very confident about what he is doing. Having a proper idea of the ethical and professional skills will quickly help one get through the leadership skills rapidly. Also, one must be determined to face all challenges and work in a fast-paced environment.

9. Development of Applications

Just like many other skills working with applications is another common thing for cybersecurity professionals. One must have knowledge of using different kinds of applications and customize them or upgrade the security features so that the threat of being harmed is minimal. If any security breach occurs, the person should be able to detect the intrusion and fix it to prevent any further troubles.

10. Database Management

A database is an essential part of any organization. It should be much secured as it would contain all the information data of the organization. Such achieved or confidential data cannot be shared with any other external entity. Here, Cybersecurity must know how to work with databases and how it is possible to increase the security structure of the database to protect it from intrusion.

Security personnel should be able to manage and analyze all kinds of information related to security works. Starting from tools to the managing of databases and other applications are some of the basic things that one must be aware of. Some standard certifications that can be helpful to a cybersecurity aspirant are CISSP, GIAC Security Expert, GIAC Security Leadership Certification. These are some of the cybersecurity skills in demand. In the coming days, the competition will increase, and so will the number of certifications and the number of skills that personnel should acquire.


These top 10 areas of skill hopefully give the viewer an understanding and provide adequate information on ‘Top 10 Cyber Security Skills In Demand (2020)’. All the skills mentioned have their own place in Cyber Security and we expect to see a growth in demand for these skills in the near future as we move more towards remote working.

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