Learn about R Programming Language

It is important to Learn about R Programming Language first before undertaking any online or classroom based training for certification.

It is important to Learn about R Programming Language first before undertaking any online or classroom based training for certification.

A Programming Language for Statistical Computing Data Analysis and Graphics

R Language was created and developed by “Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka” and now it is developed by R Development Core Team. R is named:

  1. Partly after the first names of the first two R authors
  2. And partly as a play on the name of S language (R is considered as an alternative of S).

NOTE: R and Ruby are totally different languages. They have different syntax. They have different application domains: R is a statistical language for machine learning and data science. While, Ruby is a general purpose language used for system utilities, DevOps scripting and web development etc.

It is used by:

  1. Data miners, Data researchers and statisticians
  2. Big Organizations like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn
  3. Industries like Astronomy, Chemistry, Business, Finance, Health and Medicine
  4. Specially used by Quantitative Analysts in finance as their primary programming tool.

Why is it important to Learn?

  • It is the best programming language for data analysis, statistics and machine learning.
  • It makes easy to update and reproduce reports as it records the actions of analysis.
  • It is platform independent, so it can be easily used on any OS.
  • R is an open-source language which makes it easy to add more features in it.
  • R is the best approach to create excessive quality analysis.
  • It is a satisfactory language for doing any form of data manipulation, data visualization and statistics.
  • C / C++ and FORTRAN code can also be linked and called at run time that extends R capabilities.


  • R has strong graphical capabilities, which makes data visualization very easy.
  • It has highly active community with growing number of users.
  • It has packages that enable it to use distributed computing for larger data sets.
  • It’s an interpreted language.
  • It is useful for web scrapping.


  1. It has weak origin with older programming language named “S”. That means its base package does not have support for 3D Graphics.
  2. It lacks basic security.
  3. It is not easy to learn R language.
  4. It is much slower than Python.
  5. Without prior knowledge of packages, programmers may face difficulty in implementing algorithms.

Popular Forums to Join

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  • Quora

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Popular Certification for R language

after reading the Learn about R Programming Language blog you may be ready for a course. R programming language is a leading data science technology. It is the most popular language used by Data Scientists around the globe.

Future of R language

In coming years, cloud vendors will offer basic analysis and visualization. This will kill R’s presentation advantage.

AI tools will perform data analysis and data relations between sources at very low cost. This will kill R’s integration advantage.

Business will use cloud tools for necessary analysis. In Other words, we are moving towards standardization.

But it doesn’t mean there is no need of R at all. It is a great language and in the hands of a skilled programmer, gives high productivity rate. It allows creating specific models that can be incorporated in the cloud environment.

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