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Want to learn about Java Programming Language? readabout Javas history, potential job roles, Salaries, top skills to be a Java developer

The popularity of Java and the demand for skilled Java Developers has increased over the years. Leading to the average IT enthusiasts to atleast attempt to learn about Java Programming Language.

In simple terms, a programming language allows us to communicate with a computer. We give instructions to the computer using programming language, that computer understands and performs the given task.

There are more than 600 programming languages, each having a syntax, text editor, compiler/interpreter, and applications too. You can visit “The Hello World Collection” to get an idea, how to write “Hello World” in 591 different programming languages.

Finsliq Tech Academy” has compiled overviews on Top 10 in-demand programming languages, and we are going to publish a series of blog posts, covering each language one by one.

Java Programming language

Java was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. It was publically introduced in 1995. Now, Java is owned and maintained by Oracle.

It is used by: 

  1. Developers
  2. Organizations related to education, health, finance, and communication areas.
  3. Major companies like eBay and Eclipse Information Technologies.
  4. Industries like Cloud Computing, Enterprise Architecture, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Why is it important to learn?

Java is used to develop:

  • Mobile apps.
  • Video games.
  • Enterprise-level applications.
  • Web-based applications.
  • When used online, it allows applets to be downloaded and perform certain functionality.
  • Software that has been written in java are: Eclipse, Open Office, Adobe Creative Suit and Lotus Notes.
  • Mainly used to develop Android applications.


  1. General purpose, concurrent, class-based and object-oriented
  2. Gives application portability
  3. Interpreted language
  4. Has an extensive network library


  • Memory management is expensive
  • It limits the creation of high-quality data structures due to the absence of templates

Popular Forums to join

  1. Java Community Space
  2. Stack Overflow
  3. Quora

Top Employer Salaries for Java

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Popular Certification for Java

If you want to Learn about Java Programming Language, then you should consider doing a Java Certification. It includes Java SE training and certification by Oracle University for beginners to advanced java developers.

This course covers language core concepts such as constructs and data types, modular programming, secure codding, and convenient methods, etc.

This certification is a validation of your skills, practices, and experience. You can easily show employers how you have prepared yourself for the job.

Future of Java Programming Language

Java will continue a very good future in Enterprise and Middleware Software industries. Special purpose software like CRM, cloud internal software, and IDM have been developed using java. Since it takes years to build them, and thus they will continue to use java in a big way.

However, to enter into big companies, you have to be very good at software basics. These companies pay well and that’s why the average salary of a java developer is very high.

There has been a lack of talented programmers in the market, and will be, in the coming years. The knowledge and work experience in Java programming language can open many doors for developers.

Wrapping Up

This language will continue to remain at the top for software development and in the coming years, Java will grow faster.

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