What is the best Text to Voice Software in 2021?

Text to voice software is excellent ai powered software that creates a voice transcription and convert text by reading text input in many different texts to voice software.

How text to voice translator work?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is utilised in all text to voice software to convert text into a voice transcription. The text to voice ai can be useful in processing a large number of texts and used as a transcription service for many purposes in real time. Voice translators can be download in many audio files, such as a text to voice mp3 file.

Many text to speech software can be processed directly on the web browser. Companies have their software feature available on web pages, using machine learning, neural networks and deep learning. This gives the text to voice download to be stored locally and/or in your cloud storage (depending on the provider).  

What use is there for an AI Text to Voice Converter?

When reading text, the transcription service can be very useful and handy for many reasons. Let us have a look at what they are:


Text to speech voices is a great and effective method of efficiency and productivity. When voice over is made manually via individual reading out the text, this can be time-consuming. Real-time ai voice text to speech translator can provide a voice output within minutes (depending on text length).


Hiring an actor to do a voice-over can be very costly. They can cost upwards of 90% more than using an AI voice text to speech software. This is a great alternative if cost is a priority.


Some people require a voice transcription but do not want to use their voice. anonymous text to voice converter would be a great solution. Depending on the voice transcription service, there will be a variety of different voice output to select from.

Usability for visually impaired

For anyone visually impaired, a text to speech voices can help to solve their problem and inability in reading text. Very similar to audio files that contain a book readout (i.e Amazon Audible) can be a great alternative and once again can be efficient and cost-effective.

As the impaired individually may have a guardian that reads to them and this role can be now made redundant.

Best Speech to Voice software:


Lovo is a great tool to turn text into sound. Well there are many apps like that, but this is the FIRST one that has almost perfect sound without robotic feeling. This app opened so much possibility, and saves time and money by not having to use third party services for turning text to sound. The user interface is great, lots of voice options, but unfortunately not all of the voices have deep editing capabilities like (pause, emphesize and etc). Some languages like Ukrainian have limited amount of voices. Otherwise, a great cool app, and processing of voice is fast too, only a few seconds.


Exceptional voiceover quality

Definitely my best purchase for 2021. After comparing various ttl’s and conducting lots of testing among the top ones, I am glad I chose LOVO.

Simply try it on your own and you will be amazed at the voices. Some are robotic, but there are many natural-sounding voices that do a better job than me when I speak.

I can now rely on it to generate content without having to do all the talking. Some of the voices are robotic and also they need to add more voices for Spanish Mexican. However, it’s great for American English

The US market has lots of Latinos who speak Mexican Spanish but LOVO doesn’t have any Mexican voiceovers. It’s needed greatly in my marketing campaigns.


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Talkia is Bryze’s text-to-speech programme, accessible on both MAC and PC. Talkia allows the makers of video content to speak over the genuine human voice. A person’s vocal over does not go easy, because they must retain the correct pace, tone and tonality to match the played video, but you don’t need to worry about these things if you use Talkia text for speech software.

The principal objective of Talkia’s voice text is to support its customers: video sales letters, training videos, marketing videos, audio books and education videos. Talkia offers many sorts of accents, including Spanish, German, English, French, Japanese, Chinese, and many more languages, with men and women.

You should acquire Talkia text for speech software if you create video content and create video regularly since it is less expensive than paying the performer for each video. It also save your time since now, instead of waiting for one week, you may make voiceovers.

Very easy to use
Great human sounding voices
Great variety of voice options
Cannot beat a professional human voiceover


PlanPricesSubscribe Now
Talkia Enterprise Monthly$69 per monthClick here for more details
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Talkia Standard Monthly$39 per monthClick here for more details
Talkia Standard Annual$20 Per MonthClick here for more details

Sonix AI

Sonix is an AI-based voice recognition software business. It does not pretend to be a typical service for transcribing. Upload a file to Sonix and you receive an email alerting you that your transcript is done in less time than the duration of your recording. A link to the transcription is provided in the email.

The transcript contains timelines, highlights and edit functions included directly into the transcript. Export to numerous production or social media formats.

If you sign up for the premium service at $22 per month for each user you may lower the cost per hour to $5. And for organisations requiring more than 100 hours per month translated, volume discounts are available.

Standard features are most basic, and Premium includes other capabilities such as multi-user access and team collaboration. And, with a lot of administration and an improved support approach, Enterprises has everything that Premium provides.

Sonix is one of the most costly transcribing services available to most students or home users and certainly not one that can be afforded cheaply.

Standard PAYG$10 / Hour
Premium$5 / Hour Plus $22 per user/month
Enterprisecontact our Enterprise team  
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“MURF AI allows you to alter your script or to transform the voice recording in a home style to an AI voice over for your videos.

MURF AI simplifies the use of AI for voice overflows. It’s an easy DIY internet tool which also enables you to create ultra-realistic voice overviews with word and videos or presentations to match your speech’s time. MURF offers a handpicked collection of over 100 voices in 15 languages of high quality.

Include examples such as eLearning designers, Youtubers, podcasters, demonstrations in software and apps, commercialization and publishing, telephone IVR, audio books, games, product videos, company learning.

PlanPrices (monthly)Prices (annual)
Free$0 per month$0 per month
Basic$19 per month$13 per month
Pro$39 per month$26 per month
Enterprise$99 Per Month$69 onwards per month
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