The Best AI Chatbot Platforms

Chatbots, as the name suggests, are AI-powered bots to manage real-time queries and questions of the visitors on the websites on the basis of the knowledge base. Surprisingly, their roots go back to the 1960s when the first AI-powered chatbot Eliza, was created in MIT. Today, conversational AI has evolved a lot and most of the chatbots we see on different websites are backed by strong technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing NLP. By using chatbots, any business can become customer-service-oriented and make loyal customers easily. Because of this, small and large-scale businesses are focusing on using chatbots and that is why they have become much more popular in the last five years.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Chatbots:

Here, we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using chatbots.


1. Instant availability:

It is obvious that you cannot answer hundreds of thousands of questions simultaneously and even if you would, it will be very hectic and stressful. One of the main benefits of using chatbots is that customers can communicate with bots and can clear any confusion without being ignored. Their questions will be answered immediately which will increase the chances of sales.

2. Multilingual:

A person cannot talk in hundreds of languages but a chatbot can and this is another area where chatbots are very helpful. You will increase your sales as well as the loyalty of the customers by communicating in their language.

3. It will save your time:

Answers tons of questions is not only stressful but it also wastes your time as this is a repetitive task and most probably, the questions asked will be the same. Using chatbots will help you focus more on underlying problems and you could also utilize your time to grow your business. In another way, all of your days would be spent in communication.

4. Increase in profits:

Buying a chatbot is definitely cheaper as compared to hiring an employee for communication purposes. By using a chatbot, you can save a huge percentage of your profits. Not only this, but a human cannot compete with a bot and it is obvious that the chatbots will be more efficient than an employee.

5. Data collection:

It would not be wrong to say that data is the largest asset in today’s world and the importance of data is not going anywhere in the coming few decades. By using chatbots, you will collect tons of useful data which can be further processed to get relevant information, and then the information will be used for analysis. The best thing about data collection that you can learn, improve, and grow immediately.


1.            Maintenance cost:

Although chatbots cost much less as compared to human employees but still, if you need full functionality and all the tools then, it may cost a few hundred bucks per month. For small businesses, it may be difficult to fulfill this amount every month but they definitely make you earn more than you will have to spend on them.

2.            Emotional connection:

Having an emotional connection with your customers is also very important in business but unfortunately, by using chatbots this would not be possible to create a rapport or emotional connection.

3.            Chances of misunderstanding:

Although, modern bots are very intelligent and are able to difficult tasks more efficiently than humans but after all, they are still in the developmental stage and there is a slight possibility of misunderstanding. This is not a normally occurring event but is not pleasant for your business.

Six best chatbot platforms:

In this section, we are going to discuss the best conversational AI chatbot platforms in 2021.

1. is a popular AI-based chatbot service provider and you do not have to be an expert in order to install the chatbot to your website rather, it can be done with just a few clicks. As it is a very user-friendly platform so you should not worry about anything. Also, you can manage the chat widgets in the way you like without any problem. is also very famous because of its unimaginable lead generation and is often recommended by professionals to use if lead generation is your main interest. They claim that their bots are completely automated and work proactively and you even do not have to supervise their work. Also, provides the facility to make and manage meetings with customers with ultimate ease.

Another plus point which makes a worth availing service is that they provide the basic package for free. Although this package does not include advanced features, it can be very helpful for beginners, and of course, you can switch to greater plans in the future. Following are the plans provided by

Free$0/month and billed monthly
Lite$24/month and billed monthly
Standard$49/month and billed monthly
Plus$99/month and billed monthly
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2.        Hellotars: is also an amazing chatbot service provider and is specifically used for marketing campaigns. Typically, chatbots by are used by large companies and organizations but you can also create powerful chatbots for your personal website or for any social media platform. According to, the services provided by them can help you get 2x-3x higher click-through rate and conversions on the website and because of this, can also be a great choice if you are finding any platform to build a chatbot that operates completely on artificial intelligence.

The bots created on support up to 25 languages which help you a lot in engaging with customers all around the globe. can be a perfect option for anyone who is looking for a chatbot to manage international marketing campaigns and client support programs because it is more convenient for you to relate with the customers if there is no language barrier. Like, also provides an interactive and user-friendly interface and within a matter of minutes, you can install or modify your chatbot. Following are plans provided by

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If you are searching for a professional and cheap chatbot platform, then can be a compatible option. As compared to other chatbots, provides low-priced services and their paid plans start from as low as $9/month. This chatbot service provider is commonly used by small businesses as the service is not expensive and the functionality provided is more than enough for small businesses. The website claims that their services can help you achieve four times more conversions as compared to any other service. Commonly chatbots provided by are used for customer service but can also be used for lead generation, marketing, and sales.

Coding is also not required in order to create a chatbot on So, it would be more convenient for anyone to make, install, or modify the chatbots. Also, to provide comfort to its users, provides a 30-day free trial and you will get full access to the features and can also earn from their services within the trial period. In this way, the credibility of can be attested. According to the users of, the services provided by the platform are unmatched. The plans of are listed below.

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4. is another great chatbot service provider platform and provides a wide range of features. Usually, is used for sales and in generating leads. So, it could beneficial for you if you won’t generate leads. is known for their capability of responding to multiple people at the same time without any delays. This feature is very unique and is not provided by most chatbot service providers.

Also, is popular because of their simplicity and easy-to-use interface. You would not have to deal with a confusing dashboard which will save a lot of your time. Another benefit that you will get if you use is that all the history of the conversations with your clients will be saved for a lifetime and you would have access to it.

Even though, do not provide enough tools and features which they should but still, for small businesses their services are very helpful but for medium or large scaled businesses, chatbots.syetms is not suitable. If you are interested in, then you should visit their website by clicking on this link.

5. is also a reliable website to create a live chatbot for your website. Unlike most of the chatbot service providers, provides a free trial of 30-days in which you can get an idea if their service is beneficial for you or not. was specifically created to help website owners communicate with visitors easily. One of the main thing which is widely appreciated by its users is the simplicity of the website.

One thing which is often criticized in chatbots is a customization but in the case of, you would not have to worry about that. provides complete control over how you want to set up your chatbot. You can choose the positions of the widgets, functions, and can also manage them according to the mobile screen.

The customer support of is unimaginable, they would cross the lines to help you. also provides real-time analytics of the user activity on your website so you could take action accordingly. Further, you can get an analysis of marketing campaigns, user experience, and traffic trends. These analytics can help you grow your website rapidly. These are the plans proved by

Growth$39/month and paid annually  
Pro$79/month and paid annually
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6. is one of the largest and powerful chatbot service provider available in the market currently and also have a mobile app. Lots of large companies use the services of including McDonald’s, Mercedes, Adobe, and PayPal etcetera. Unlike, does not provide totally conversational artificial intelligence-based chatbots. has a perfect balance of AI and human touch so that, the viewers will get the best possible experience. Also, provides a wide range of functionalities and tools to integrate within the bots and these tools can lead you towards more benefits life increment in sales etcetera. Following are the packages of

Starter$16/month/agent billed annually
Team$33/month/agent and billed annually
Business$50/moth/agent and billed annually
EnterpriseRequest a call
Subscribe:Although, is a little bit more expensive as compared to other services and their paid plans start from $16 but in terms of user experience and the benefits you will get from, we can surely say that purchasing their package is totally worth it. If you are interested in their service, then you should visit their website here.  


Either it is your personal website, e-commerce store, or social media store, chatbots have numerous benefits and with them, they can help your business to grow by leaps and bounds. Choosing a suitable chatbot platform according to your business type is very important and if done wrong, it could also lead to a huge loss. So, you should study chatbots in detail and make decision deliberately as it is very crucial. The list of chatbots provided in this article is proved that they are very helpful and they are suitable for almost every type of business. So, you should feel free while purchasing chatbots from any of the above-listed platforms.  

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