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Due to the pandemic, a lot of large tech companies have moved towards work from home and remote jobs. A remote job that became very popular in the past two years is virtual assistance. Virtual assistants are like full-time employees managing all of your tasks. They are very important in the working of a company or a business that is why there is a huge demand for virtual assistant services in the corporate sector. According to a recent survey, the average hourly rate of a virtual assistant is around $19 and is estimated to increase steadily in the coming few years.

Whether you need to manage bookings, meetings, phone calls, emails, or travel, these tasks are done by them. You can also find virtual assistant phone answering service. In fact, almost all of the administrative services you need to be done are handled by virtual assistants. In short, we can say that virtual assistants are the all-rounders of your company or business and contribute help in all departments.

Hiring virtual assistants can be hectic but this article will make it easy for you. Here, we discuss some advantages and disadvantages of hiring virtual assistants, virtual assistant services rates, and we will also talk about some best virtual assistant companies which you can use to get unimaginable services.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a virtual assistants:

Following are the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a virtual assistant.


1.            More focus on underlying problems:

This is the primary reason to hire a virtual assistant. Because all of the minor tasks will be handled by her/him, you will save tons of your time by hiring a virtual assistant and you will be able to focus more on underlying problems in your business. In this way, your business will not only grow rapidly but will also decrease your stress levels.

2.            You will save money:

It is obvious that offline administrative assistants cost a lot more as compared to virtual assistants. So, by hiring a virtual assistant for your official work, you will be saving a lot of bucks without sacrificing quality.

3.            Productivity will be increased:

Generally, in offices, virtual assistants are hired to increase the productivity and efficiency of the company or business. Having a virtual assistant will be helpful for you because they will micromanage all the official tasks and in this way, a huge increment in productivity will be caused.

4.            Availability:

Availability is another reason why virtual assistants are hired. Unlike offline administrative assistants, virtual assistants are full-time employees without any time boundaries. That means they are available for any project whenever you ask. Hence, deadlines will not be missed and overall efficiency will increase a lot.

5.            They do not require training:

Normally, when you hire an assistant, you have to give training of at least one week but, if you choose to hire a virtual assistant then, fortunately, you would not have to give her/him any training because you have a lot of options available and you can choose a professional virtual assistant having past work experience in your field. This way, you can manage to save a lot of time.


1.            Difficulty in communication:

Although modern advanced technology has made it much easier to communicate over the internet throughout the world still, some technical issues may disturb the communication. This is not a common case but should be considered before making any decision.

2.            Language barriers:

It is possible that you find an assistant from another country and in that case, she/he may not be able to understand your language. That can be a problem. Most people understand and speak English but in terms of fluency, some problems may happen. The language barrier can be a great reason to stick to offline assistants but you can solve this problem by conducting an interview with your assistant.

3.            Supervision:

Most of the virtual assistants you will find online are dedicated and hard-working people and supervising their work is not required but there are some exceptions. If this happens, you will not be able to supervise their work. This is another reason why offline assistants are still being hired. You do not have to worry about it because the websites mentioned in this article will provide the best virtual assistants. 

Six best virtual assistant services:

Now, we discuss some of the best virtual assistant service providers in detail. We will also talk about the plans they offer and how they are different from others (The Best Virtual Assistant Services List):

1.                  24/7 Virtual Assistant:

24/7 Virtual Assistant is a well-known name in the corporate world because they are providing quality services at economical prices. The virtual assistants provided by them are highly trained and experienced in all of the day-to-day and professional tasks. This company offers wide range of services including project managing, digital marketing, customer support, web services, and much more. One thing which most business owners look for is the availability as it affects their business because a lot of things should be done on time. If you hire an assistant from anywhere else, then because of the time difference between countries, you may find some availability issues but in the case of 24/7 Virtual Assistant, you would not have to worry about it. As their name suggests, that they provide full time services.

If you are looking for a virtual assistant whether, for your office tasks or personal routine management, you should definitely consider a 24/7 Virtual Assistant in this regard. You can find offshore-based virtual assistants as well as US-based. Following are the pricing plans offered by 24/7 Virtual Assistant.

Note: These plans are for offshore virtual assistants

Entrepreneur                            $299/month

Professional                              $499/month

Office                                          $699/month

Executive                                    $899/month

VIP                                               $1099/month

By the hour                                $15

If you are interested in their plans, then you should visit their website here.

2.         JH Virtual Assistant:

JH Virtual Assistant was founded in 2013 by Jeanette Hunter and the JH in the company’s name represents the founder of the company. An amazing thing about Jeanette is that she herself has past experience as a personal assistant. That is why she is familiar with the work and its problems. You can find a number of virtual assistant services on JH Virtual Assistant including secretarial services, admin services, social media management, data entry, event management, telephone answering service, and digital marketing etcetera.

JH Virtual Assistant is not a large company rather, they are a group of freelancers providing services to help small and large-sized businesses. They focus more on the quality of the work they provide than the number of customers they have. So, choosing them to fulfill the needs of your business would not be a bad idea. They offer virtual assistants services on an hourly basis and their hourly rates are mentioned below.

Package-1                                   Around $570/20 hours

Package-2                                   Around $680/25 hours

Package-3                                   Around $780/30 hours

Package-4                                   Around $950/40 hours

Package-5                                   Around $1160/50 hours

Package-6                                   Around $34/hour (Pay as you go)

Click on this link to open their official site and get further details.

3.         Adminja:

Adminja is one of the leading virtual assistant service providers and is also among the most famous ones.

Trusted by several small and large-sized companies and businesses including savvy school, freelance university, the international virtual assistant association (IVAA), virtual savvy, and much more.

So, it is a credible and authentic source to get virtual assistant services.

Adminja is providing the best virtual assistant services in terms of project managing, digital marketing, graphic design, web design, and customer support. Also, it is well-known because of its management capabilities. With only three clicks you can keep all of your tasks, clients, and processes neatly organized. So, it will be very convenient for you to manage all of the work of your company or business.

Another positive point that attracts most business owners is that you can link over 2000 web applications to maintain your online presence easily. In terms of price, Adminja provides very inexpensive services as compared to its competitors. Adminja is equally best for small businesses and for large businesses. In general, Adminja is worth availing virtual assistant service provider and you should definitely consider it.

Following are the plans offered by them.

Solo                               $29.99/month

Team                             $10/month/member (minimum 5 team members)

You can visit their official website by clicking this link.

4. is a Filipino virtual assistant service provider website. We previously discussed that the language barrier can be a real obstacle that could disturb your workflow a lot. You should consider this while hiring any virtual assistant from All the assistants you will find on their website are Filipinos and most of them can understand and speak English fluently. So, this is not a large problem for you. works in a different as compared to other service providers. There are profiles of over 100,000 virtual assistants on and can choose any of them to hire. There are no team members working together instead individual virtual assistants who work from home, offer services on their website. So, you will find variations in their prices. You can even find an assistant for $100 and also can find an assistant for $1000. So, it totally depends on the experience of the assistant and your requirements.

The assistants present on have experience in a wide range of fields. You can find services related to graphic design, web design, Amazon virtual assistants, social media management, bookkeepers, telemarketing, search engine optimization, and much more. Visit their website here and get a detailed insight about them.

5.            Reva Global:

Reva Global is a platform specifically made to find real estate virtual assistants. Like, Reva Global is also a very famous and trusted real estate virtual assistant service provider and is used by popular companies like Realeflow LLC, Launch Control, and Think reality.

A great benefit that you will get by hiring a virtual assistants from Reva Global is that your assistant will be pre-trained in the work you need from them. As described before, that Reva Global provides real estate virtual assistant assistants but this does not mean that assistants only know about real estate. They are also able to perform well in other departments like telephone answering services, customer support, data entry, and marketing etcetera.

You can get an assistant with years of experience on Reva Global at an affordable price and without facing any issues in workflow and management. A disadvantage of virtual assistants is that you cannot supervise their work but Reva Global solves this problem effectively. You will get a detailed report of the work done by your virtual assistant at the end of every day. This will help a lot in the management process. To get further details, you can visit their website here.

6. is specially geared towards those who need virtual assistance in day-to-day marketing work. They have an excellent team of virtual assistants having professional years of experience in every type of marketing. You can find marketing services related to local businesses, spas and salons, entertainment companies, authors, real estate, health care, and much more.

This company offers services in SEO, SEM, social media marketing, PPC advertising, web design, and branding etcetera. The companies and businesses working with say that they are totally satisfied with their services and will recommend everyone to choose for marketing purposes.

In general, if you are looking for virtual assistants who could handle all the marketing work of your business, then is a perfect match. If you are interested in the services provided by, then you should visit their website by clicking on this link to get more details.


Virtual assistants are definitely very helpful because they do all of the hectic work of a business or a company which frees you up to focus on real business problems. So, hiring virtual assistants is a great decision but sometimes, you may find problems in the hiring process. By purchasing services from the above-mentioned virtual assistant companies, you could help yourself. In this way, you will not only eradicate the chances of scams but you will also get the best possible services. So, visit their websites, purchase a suitable service, and start working with professionals.

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