Learn about Scala Programming Language

It is important to learn about Scala Programming Language first before undertaking any training course for certification and career.

It is important to learn about Scala Programming Language first before undertaking any training for certification.

A Multi-paradigm, Functional, Concurrent and Object Oriented Programming Language That runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Firstly, Scala was designed by Martin Odersky and was released in June 2004 officially. It is considered to be the most powerful Java alternative. Scala has no concept of primitive data. It has the ability to incorporate with existing Java code and libraries.

It is used by:

  1. Software developers
  2. Big Organizations like Twitter, LinkedIn, Airbnb and Foursquare etc.
  3. Industries like Banking, insurance and retail due to scalability.
  4. Specially used by Java Programmers. It is widely used in Big Data applications along with Spark framework.

Why is it important to Learn?

  • Scala is highly compatible with java programming language
  • It is statistically typed, that means the type of variable is already known at compile time.
  • It’s a multi-paradigm programming language; its ecosystem is growing faster.


  1. Scala can do concurrent and synchronized processing.
  2. Scala can execute Java code.
  3. Objects like regular classes, case classes and collections can be decomposed through pattern matching.
  4. Frameworks like Akka, Play and Spark have built upon Scala. With Akka framework, Scala helps to build highly concurrent and distributed applications.
  5. It is easy to learn especially for a person having java knowledge already.


  • It does not force you to think functionally. Because, with scala, you can always switch to an Object Oriented Paradigm.
  • As it runs on JVM, it has no true tail-recursive optimization. For partial benefits, you can use @tailrec annotation.
  • It has limited developers, NOT every Java developer can efficiently code in Scala language.

Popular Forums to Join

  1. Stack Overflow
  2. Quora
  3. Scala-lang.org

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Popular Certification for Scala

if you want to learn about Scala Programming Language, then Udemy is offering a course named “Apache Spark 2 with Scala” with certification. It helps you to learn one of the most famous technologies “Big Data Analysis. You will learn “how to extract meanings from massive data sets”. In this course, Scala will help you to run hands-on examples of cloud computing services.

Future of Scala Programming Language

The nice part about the language is, it gives you different tools to solve the different problems. When it comes to concurrency, things like Actor Model and Parallel collections (Spark) are excellent models of computation that enable you to compose complex behavior using simple building blocks.

When it comes to data processing, Apache Spark is currently getting all the attention. And when it comes to web development, there is Play Framework that makes you very productive while enjoying all the stuff available in Scala.

And when it comes to micro services, there is Akka that is very per formant and flexible. Scala is here to stay. A lot of new projects are being written in Scala, whereas before these has been in Java.

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