Learn about Python Programming Language

It is important to learn about Python Programming Language first before undertaking any training for Phython and exam certification.

It is important to learn about Python Programming Language first before undertaking any training for certification.

An Interpreted, High-Level and General Purpose Programming Language

Python was developed by a Dutch Programmer “Guido van Rossum” at CWI Netherlands in the late 1980s. It was released in 1991 to the public. It is an advanced programming language that is Object Oriented and built on flexible semantics.

It is used by:

  • Python developers and Back-end programmers
  • Industries like design, engineering and Information Technology
  • Big Organizations like Google, Instagram, NASA, YouTube, and DropBox
  • Specially used in Desktop Graphical User Interface, Web and Internet development, scientific and numeric computation

Why is it important to learn?

  1. NASA uses python as a standard scripting language in its integrated planning system.
  2. The game Civilization 4 has implemented all logic including AI, in python.
  3. It lets you work quickly.
  4. It is suited for Rapid Application Development (RAD).


  • It is simple to read and learn
  • It has associated web frameworks to develop web based applications.
  • Free interpreter is available.
  • Standard library is available.


  1. It is not very good for mobile development.
  2. It is slower than C / C++ languages.
  3. It is dynamically typed, that’s why it requires more testing and shows errors on runtime.

Popular Forums to Join

  • Python community
  • Stack Overflow
  • Devshed Network
  • Quora

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Popular Certification for Python

To progress and learn about Python Programming Language. You can go to OpenEDG python institute has defined global certification path for programmers and has developed an International Examination Standard for Python programming.

Future of Python Programming

Python is becoming the first choice language for future and present programmers, to get actual jobs. It is also being used for many purposes: from web to mobile application development. It is also being used in data science.

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