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A high-level, multi-paradigm and just-in-time (JIT)
Compiled programming language

Learn about JavaScript Programming Language in this blog. JavaScript was originally known as “Live Script”. It became JavaScript in 1995. It was designed by Netscape. It is a client-side programming language. It runs inside the client browser. It processes commands on a computer instead of a server. JavaScript is NOT related to Java.

It is used by:

  • Web developers, software engineers, and JavaScript developers
  • Industries like Engineering, Information Technology, Design, Healthcare and Finance
  • Big Organizations like LinkedIn, Sound cloud, Word Press and Yahoo
  • Specially used in gaming development and front-end website development

Why is it important to learn?

  1. Tweetmap uses JavaScript to represent a world map that is proportionally sized to the number of tweets.
  2. Cyber-duck agency uses JavaScript API, to show data about crime. It also enables users to review a local area.


  • JavaScript supports multiple frameworks
  • Jquery is a comprehensive JavaScript library that can be referenced with JavaScript.
  • Its basic features are easy to learn and understand.
  • It is primarily used in web development to make page elements more dynamic.


  1. Sometimes, different browsers interpret JavaScript differently that makes it difficult to write cross-browser code.
  2. It cannot be used for networking applications due to a lack of support.
  3. It does not have multiprocessor capabilities.
  4. It does not have multithreading capabilities.

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Popular Certification for JavaScript

CIW JavaScript Specialist course focuses on fundamental principles of JS, techniques used with JS, working with data and variables, using functions, methods, events, and standard programming practices. It also focuses on tools and techniques for correcting the JS code. JS extensions and libraries, web API, and web applications with AJAX are also a part of this course.

Learn about JavaScript Programming Language: Future of JavaScript Programming

Today, almost every website is using some form of JavaScript. Today’s browsers are friendlier with JavaScript than before. As the web is growing, the demand for the responsive web is growing, demand for a client-side website is also growing, and it means JavaScript is growing. And YES, the future of JavaScript is very bright.

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