Learn about C# Programming Language

It is important to learn about C# Programming Language first before undertaking any training courses and exams for certification.

It is important to learn about C# Programming Language first before undertaking any training for certification.

A multi-paradigm Programming Language

Pronounced as “C Sharp”

It was developed as a part of Microsoft’s release of .Net framework in 2000. It is based on C, C++ and Java programming languages. In 2003, it became an ISO standard. C# has strong typing, functional and Object Oriented disciplines.

It is used by:

  • Software engineers, C# developers, .net web developers and automation test engineers
  • Industries like Information Technology, Design, Engineering, Management and Quality control
  • Big Organization includes Hewlett Packard and Microsoft Intel
  • Specially used in Windows based Platforms

Why is it important to learn?

  1. It helps developers to create XML web services.
  2. It is the only language used by Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  3. It helps to create .Net applications for Windows OS and Internet
  4. It is used to develop a wide range of software applications that go with Visual Studio IDE.


  • C sharp is an ideal language for beginners
  • It is similar to java in capabilities
  • It is mainly used in development of Microsoft apps


  1. It does not allow develop to do low-level things like direct interaction with hardware via drivers and firmware
  2. It does not have an independent compiler. It uses its byte code and JIT compiler that is the backbone of .Net structure

Popular Forums to join

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  • Stack Overflow
  • Dream. In. Code
  • Quora

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Popular Certification for C#

if you are ready to go more in depth and learn about C# Programming Language and up take a course. Microsoft is offering “Programming in C# (Exam 70-483)” certification that is worldwide recognized.

Future of C# Programming Language

Now a day, you can build almost any kind of software using C# including cloud, AI and machine learning, data science, enterprise and report-centric applications.

In the year 2000, C# has come a long way and it is still fresh and evolving. Each year, more improvements are being made and more features are being added.

In latest versions, the focus of the language has been on writing efficient, safe and less code, giving developers more freedom, hence helping them become more productive.

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