Impact Of Covid-19 on CyberSecurity and how to mitigate it

The Impact Of Covid-19 on CyberSecurity has caused tremendous security issues for the vast number of companies. A mitigation plan is must.

The Impact Of Covid-19 on CyberSecurity has caused tremendous security issues for the vast number of companies. The COVID-19 outbreak h?? b??n d??l?r?d a ??nd?m?? b? th? W?rld Health Org?n???t??n, causing a ??gn?f???nt ?m???t ?n ????l?’? l?v??, families, and communities. Th?? h?? h?d an ?mm?d??t? ?ff??t on ?rg?n?z?t??n?, changing th? w??? ?m?l????? w?rk and br?ng?ng n?w cyber risks.

A? th? ?nt?rn?t??n?l response ??nt?nu?? t? develop, we kn?w that ?rg?n?z?t??n? f??? ??t?nt??ll? ??gn?f???nt challenges t? wh??h th?? n??d t? respond r???dl?. M?n? ?rg?n?z?t??n? ?nd ?m?l????? need t? r?th?nk ways ?f working ?n l?ght of ??n??d?r?bl? operational and f?n?n???l d?ff??ult???. W?th?ut ???r??r??t? ??n??d?r?t??n?, th?? ??uld fund?m?nt?ll? increase th? risk ?f cybersecurity ?tt??k?.

We ?r? seeing b?th th? likelihood ?nd Impact Of Covid-19 on CyberSecurity, increase ??b?r ?tt??k? ?nd g??d ??b?r???ur?t? ?r??t???? m?? f?ll by th? w????d? as organizations become more t??hn?l?g?-d???nd?nt than ever. We ?r? also b?g?nn?ng to see th? nature ?f th? threat ?h?ng?ng, as attackers exploit uncertainty, un?r???d?nt?d situations, ?nd r???d IT ?nd organizational ?h?ng?.

How to mitigate CyberSecurity risks emerging from Covid-19

S??ur? n?wl? implemented remote w?rk?ng ?r??t???

COVID-19 h?? f?r??d ?rg?n?z?t??n? t? ?h?ft rapidly to r?m?t? working at scale. Th?? ?? l?k?l? to h?v? a ??gn?f???nt ?m???t ?n b?th IT ?nfr??tru?tur? requirements ?nd th? attack ?urf???.

For example, ???ur?t? ??ntr?l? m?? not b? applied to n?w systems or t??l? hastily ?t??d u? t? support ?m?l????? w?th r?m?t? w?rk?ng. S?m?l?rl?, ?x??t?ng ?r???dur?? and g??d ?r??t???? may be side-stepped ?r b???m? un?v??l?bl?.

In ?ur wh?t?????r, w? outline several ?t??? th?t ?rg?n?z?t??n? ?h?uld t?k? t? ?n?ur? they m??nt??n security while employees ?r? working fr?m h?m?. These include: 

  • Monitoring f?r shadow IT ?nd moving users t?w?rd? ???r?v?d ??lut??n?;
  • En?ur?ng r?m?t? access ???t?m? ?r? full? ??t?h?d ?nd ???ur?l? configured;
  • R?v??w?ng t??t???l actions ?nd retrospectively implementing ????nt??l ???ur?t? controls which may h?v? b??n ?v?rl??k?d; ?nd,
  • En?ur?ng r?m?t? ?????? ???t?m? ?r? ?uff????ntl? r???l??nt t? withstand DDOS attacks.

En?ur? th? ??nt?nu?t? ?f critical ???ur?t? fun?t??n?

Org?n?z?t??n? need t? ?l?n ?? they ??n m??nt??n r???l??nt ???ur?t? functions ?? th? COVID-19 ?utbr??k d?v?l???. B? carefully f?ll?w?ng m?d???l ?dv???, ??u can prepare for th? ?x???t?d ???k? ?n COVID-19 cases ?nd th? h?gh?r numb?r? ?f employees l?k?l? t? be ?b??nt fr?m ??b?r???ur?t? t??m?.

Th?? w?ll ?nv?lv? reducing th? r?l??n?? ?n people, ?? w?ll as m?x?m?z?ng th? u?? of ?r????? ?nd t??hn?l?g? t? ??rf?rm critical ??b?r???ur?t? ??t?v?t???. Furth?r ?t??? include:

Id?nt?f??ng ?nd m?n?t?r?ng ?r?t???l security ??t?v?t???

Reviewing how privileged u??r? ?r? going t? ??rf?rm ?dm?n??tr?t??n

Deploying ????t m?n?g?m?nt t??l?ng to ?n?ur? ??nt?nu?d visibility as ???t?m? ?r? moved ?w?? from the ?nt?rn?l n?tw?rk.

C?unt?r ????rtun??t?? threats that m?? b? l??k?ng t? t?k? ?dv?nt?g? ?f th? ??tu?t??n

A? w?ll ?? reinforcing their security t??hn?l?g?, organizations n??d to remain alert to opportunistic threats. A big part ?f th?? w?ll ?nv?lv? g?v?ng ?m?l????? ?????f?? gu?d?n?? ?n h?w t? spot suspicious ??t?v?t?, ?u?h ?? targeted ?h??h?ng campaigns using COVID-19 lur?? ?r h?ghl?ght?ng t? finance teams ?n?r????d r??k? of business ?m??l ??m?r?m??? ?tt??k? that attempt t? ?x?l??t d?ff?r?nt or n?w ways ?f w?rk?ng.

Organizations ?h?uld ?l?? gu?rd ?g??n?t th? ?n?r????d risk of insider threats and ???l? ?u??k-w?n technical ??ntr?l? across th? IT ??t?t?.

The Emerging Convid-19 threat landscape

Threat ??t?r? ?r? ?lr??d? ?x?l??t?ng th? un??rt??nt? ?nd extraordinary response ??u??d by th? COVID-19 ??nd?m??.

Th? ?r?m?n?l thr??t ??t?r b?h?nd Em?t?t, wh??h provides m?lw?r? delivery ??rv???? t? sophisticated ?r?m?n?l actors including Tr??kB?t, R?uk, and Dr?d?x, b?g?n using COVID-19 ?h??h?ng lures ?n J?nu?r? 2020, while th? ?r???? was ?t?ll ?n ?t? ??rl? ?t?g??.

Oth?r ??t?r? have ??n?? followed ?u?t, with hundreds of n?w COVID-19 th?m?d ?h??h?ng lures being ?r??t?d each d??. We h?v? identified criminal, and state-sponsored ??m???gn? exploiting COVID-19 and anticipate th?? w?ll ?l?? use VPN ?nd v?d?? conferencing software lur?? t? take advantage ?f u??r? unfamiliar with r?m?t? working.

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