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“How Data Mining and NLP Works?” In various zones, the expansion of Information Technology has produced an enormous volume of databases and massive data. The exploration in databases and information technology has given upswing to a methodology to store and handle this priceless data for advance decision making.

Natural language processing is a vital field of computer science in which computational semantics and machine learning are largely used. Natural language processing is mostly dealing with building human and computer communication easy and efficient.

How Data Mining and NLP Works? | The Workflow

 Data mining is a method of taking out of beneficial information and patterns from massive data. The objective of this methodology is to discover such patterns and outlines that were earlier indefinite. As soon as these patterns and outlines are originated they can further be used to mark decisions for the improvement of businesses.


Natural language processing has introduced core innovation in the field of artificial and computation. Natural language processing is extensively debated and explored the topic at present. As it is one of the ancient zones of research in machine learning, it is employed in most important fields such as text processing and speech recognition. Natural language processing has not achieved exactness to date but endless development certainly touches the fineness line.


How Data Mining and NLP Works?| Types of Data Mining and Natural Language Processing

The data mining information process divided into two main categories; descriptive and predictive



In a predictive data mining information system, we go to discover the value of an element or attribute by means of values of other elements or attributes. Here are given following predictive tasks for the data mining information process;



Time-series Analysis



In the descriptive data mining information process, we have to find such kind of humanly interpretable patterns (easily understood by humans).

Here are given following descriptive tasks for the data mining information process;



Association Rules

Sequence Discovery

Types of Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing involves two phases that are understanding and generation. In the understanding phase, the machine has to recognize the input regardless of its category. Whereas in the generation phase, the machine has to create meaningful and output, regardless of its category.

Various types of Natural Language processing are following;

Natural Language Processing centered on Text, Voice, and Audio

Natural Language Processing centered on computational models

Natural Language Processing centered on Text Analysis

Pattern Analysis and discovery of new insights

Machine Translation of languages

How Data Mining and NLP Works? |Real time Example

Here, we will discuss the real-time example of how data mining natural language processing works? We will discuss fingerprints application that is also known as biometric data mining applied to on-line recognition systems.

The fingerprint is the earliest biometric skill that is employed wide-reaching for the authentication and confirmation of a record into particular jobs. The fingerprint is that one of the peaks broadly held methods to accomplish biometric recognition. The strict image is acknowledged from the categorized database using the K Nearest Neighbor algorithm (crisp and fuzzy). The resultant organism is one of the most trustworthy techniques of special confirmation. Let’s check out how the fingerprint is done by biometric devices.

In this process, the first step involved is that fingerprint template formation; it is also called minutiae extraction. When the original fingerprint is extracted from optical sensors, the extracted information is converted into binary form (0, 1). After getting the images of the original fingerprint, starting and ending points of ridges and valley are detected and marked. Almost fifteen to twenty minutiae are marked. Finally, the fingerprint template that is desired is an array of minutiae of 240 * 320 pixels in the range of 200 to 500 bytes.

The second step involves the fingerprint algorithm of matching. There are two types of matching algorithms; 1:1 and 1:N. In a 1:1 matching algorithm, the required fingerprint has to match with the database to get the fingerprint template and in that fingerprint template, in the database, is matched to the extracted fingerprint. In the 1: N matching algorithm, the extracted fingerprint is matched to the fingerprint templates stored in the database.

How Data Mining and NLP Works? |How important this type of Artificial Intelligence will be used?

Natural Language Processing is a sub-part of artificial intelligence that helps machines through appreciative human language. It focuses on computing human linguistic to sort it understandable to machines. Make use of NLP, machines can recognize amorphous significant online information insights. The growth of natural language processing (NLP) is most likely the best instance, with intelligent Chabot prepared to alter the universe of client deal and beyond.  

The most extensively made use of natural language processing is that of machine translation which supports vanquishing the language resistance. The natural language processing process assists the machine to understand the importance of sentences, which develops the efficiency of machine translation. The natural language processing techniques are not appreciated for sensations analysis. It supports identifying the emotion between several online remarks and posts. Make use of natural language processing, the Automatic summarization can be executed more proficiently. The advanced NLP techniques allow the non-technical to act as a team with the computing systems and catch supportive information from it. Natural language processing supports computers through communication with persons in their language. For the case, natural language processing sorts it realistic for computers to comprehend the text input, pick up speech, computing emotion, and cost out which fragments are substantial.

How Data mining Natural Processing Work? | Conclusion

Data mining has significance about discovering the patterns, predicting, and detection of knowledge in many industry fields. Data mining systems and procedures assist in predicting the patterns and outlines to adopt the coming inclinations in businesses. Data mining has an extensive presentation field nearly in each business where the data is produced. That is why data mining is well thought-out as one of the most vital frontlines in information systems. Here are presented different types of algorithms and system architectures that be able to grasp a numeral of natural language processing jobs with swiftness and exactness.

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