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No doubt, data is the most important thing in this decade and you can estimate the importance of data by the fact that several companies pay bucks to collect data of their users. Data can be considered as an asset as we can sell it, we can buy it. There is no doubt that data plays a very important role in our everyday life. From YouTube to Facebook and Instagram, our data is used everywhere. Have you ever pondered upon how YouTube is able to show personalized ads? Well, it is a result of data science.

Data science was ranked as the most lucrative profession in 2020 and it is not only limited to this but in the coming few decades, the demand of data scientists is just going to increase and increase as the amount of data of each internet user is increasing. So today, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of data science as a profession and some online courses which could help you become successful in this area of computer science.

Advantages and disadvantages of Data Science:

Following are some benefits and drawbacks of data science.


Secured career:

This is the problem with many careers that by the time you are able to work in it, the demand declines but in the case of data science we can say that it is one of the most rewarding and secure careers because their demand is not going anywhere in coming few decades instead, according to some predictions, the demand of data scientists will increase a lot in coming time.

No repetitive work:

Another great benefit of data science is that you would not have to do repetitive work instead you will be working on interesting and innovative projects. The satisfaction you get after completing these mind-blowing projects is another story.

High salaries:

Thanks to the huge demand for data scientists in the market, companies are willing to pay unimaginable salaries to them. According to, the average salary of a data scientist is around $115,000. The lowest is reported at $82,000 and the highest at $165,000.

You will transform the world:

Sounds strange but in reality, all the modern technology and advancement in future will rely mostly on data science because data is the way to learning about the world. We can learn about anything happening in the universe on the condition that we have enough data available. So, it can be said that data scientists will transform the world.

Numerous opportunities:

Unlike other professions, data scientists are not expected to only work in a specific field. A data scientist can work in robotics, artificial intelligence, medicine, machine learning, natural language processing, and much more.


Learning throughout your life:

We all know that technologies change very quickly. In 2021, you would find a radio in any house. The same happens in data science. The old technologies will be outdated new ones will be introduced in the market after a period of time. Because of this, you would have to spend your life learning and being updated.

The barrier of entry:

Data science is a broad field and incorporates numerous subfields like artificial neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, data mining, artificial intelligence, and more. So, you would have to know these technologies in order to land a job in data science. Not all of these technologies have to be mastered but you should specialize in a few of them. This increases the barrier of entry and that is why most of the data scientists have masters or Ph.D. degrees.

Job satisfaction level:

Although data scientists earn well enough in a survey, 22% of data scientists said that they are being paid less and only 8% said that they are earning more than their colleagues. Well, this is an important part to consider because satisfaction is the most important thing in corporate life.

Six Best Data Science Courses:

We have prepared a list of some of the best courses available online which you should definitely take if you are interested in data science. So, let’s take a look at them.

Data Science Dojo:

Data Science Dojo is the leading online data science and deep learning teaching platform and has more than 6500 satisfied alumni. That staggering number makes us know that Data Science Dojo is a reliable and authentic website. You can find a number of courses on their website including data science Bootcamp, practicum, introduction to R, best data science with Python course, deep learning in Python, introduction to SQL data, introduction to data engineering, data science courses for experienced professionals, and data skills for business.

A great reason to choose Data Science Dojo is that they provide a certificate for your course. Getting a certificate in the course will not only help you stand out among others but will also help your resume be shortlisted. A verified certificate will increase the credibility of the skill you will receive from the course.

Although, Data Science Dojo provides valuable and lucrative skills the fee they charge cannot be afforded by everyone. But to solve this problem, Data Science Dojo donates to fund the course fee for passionate students. You can easily get a student loan and start learning without worrying about the cost. These courses are offered by Data Science Dojo.

Course Provider:Packages:Price:Subscribe:
Data Science Dojo:  Dojo      Guru Practicum$2799 $2999 $9999If you are interested in Data Science Dojo, then you should visit their website here. You can also download their app on Google play store.

If you have ever searched for resources to learn programming or advanced data science, then you must know about You cannot only take data science course on but can also learn programming languages like python, introduction to R, and SQL etcetera. You can also find one of the best advanced data science courses and introduction to deep learning courses on

You will get access to the first chapter of the courses, Python, R, and SQL assessments, and projects in the free package and you can change your package whenever you want to. Surprisingly, their paid plans are also not much expensive and anyone who has a try passion for data science can spend a few dollars for learning.

Like Data Science Dojo, will also provide you a certificate and we all know its importance. You will have to complete some assignments and coding challenges in order to get a certificate. As is a very reputable and authentic source of learning, certificates provided by them will attach a lot of credibility to your skill and it can even help you get a job quickly. Following are the courses available on

Course Provider:Packages:Price:Subscribe:

Contact them for pricing
Visit their website by clicking on this link. also has an app available on Google play store and App Store.

If you are an absolute beginner and have zero knowledge about programming and data science, then can be a perfect available option for you to choose. All the courses provided by are specifically designed for beginners to help them out. But if you already have a good insight about data science and have little or more than that previous experience in programming, then you might find useless. provides the best courses to learn data science like data science for everyone and data engineering with Python etcetera.

One thing wrong with is that the certificate they provide is worth nothing and it will not help you in getting a job. You can just consider it as a piece of paper. A better approach will be to learn the basics from and then move towards more advanced courses on other websites mentioned in this article. In this way, you will not only get familiar with the roots of the programming and data science concepts but will also learn advanced and complex stuff which will help you get a job easily. The beginners should definitely purchase their courses to increase their knowledge.

Course Provider:Packages:Price:Subscribe:
EdurekaData Science Certification Course using R

Data Science Certification Course using Python

There are so many courses available on Edureka, that we advise going to the website and viewing all the courses. You can visit their website here. is another well-known name in the data science community. claims that their alumni work at different reputable companies including Tesla, JPMorgan, Amazon, Ford, Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung etcetera. They also claim that 87% of their alumni have a successful career. offers a number of courses like Python for data science, data science online course, R for data science, introduction to data engineering, and programming in other languages and you can choose a course for yourself by clicking on this link. Their courses have been proved helpful by the fact that most of their alumni are well-settled.

One thing which is appreciated in is that their courses are not short like other websites. Most of the courses you will find online specially in data science are very short and require only 30-40 hours and it is obvious a couple of hours are not enough for learning hard skills like data science. The data science course provided by is six months long which means you will be focusing on every concept in detail. The details of their data science course are written below.

Course Provider:Packages:Price:Subscribe:
GreyCampusData science career program$2500You can visit their website here. is a small platform as compared to other websites on this list and that is why they are able to provide courses. They currently have tons of courses on different programming languages and on data science. caters to anyone from beginners to professional level. They have a number of courses on data science and data science course by is one of the best online data science course. You can also take introduction to deep learning course on which will give you an insight of neural networks.

Another benefit you will get from is that they will provide you personalized coding problems and by solving them, you will be increasing your problem-solving capability in the field you are interested in. These are the courses related to data science available on

Course Provider:Packages:Price:Subscribe:
CodingNinjasMachine learning course

Data science and machine learning

In a nutshell, we can say that is very helpful for everyone and you should definitely visit their website here. also has an official app on Google play store.  

Flatiron School:

Flatiron School is also an amazing source from where you can start learning programming, deep learning in Python, and advanced data science. Flatiron School provides one of the best Python course for data science. Flatiron School says that they have an 86% global employment rate and their average on-campus alumni gets a starting salary of $75,000. Well, in case you do not know, an average salary that a Python developer gets on their first job is $65,000 which is much less as compared to $75,000. This means that Flatiron School is worth trying.

Like, the courses of Flatiron School are also very extensive and you will learn a lot from a single course. They do not offer a large number of courses but the courses they offer are very detail-oriented and focus on practical skill development rather than theory. In comparison with other courses, the courses of Flatiron School are very expensive but the price is normal if we look at the value which their courses are providing. So, Flatiron School is also a great choice for aspiring data scientists and machine learning engineers. Following are the courses available on Flatiron School.

Course Provider:Packages:Price:Subscribe:
Flatiron SchoolData Science$16,900 with $500 depositYou can visit their official website to get more details here.  


 We have discussed the importance of data science and best online data science courses to learn and become a master of data science. Well, it is likely that the future of mankind will depend on data science mostly and most of the modern technologies like self-driving cars, robots, quantum computing, artificial intelligence will rely on data science. By taking the courses we have mentioned above, you can immediately start your practical life as a junior data scientist but the journey of learning will never stop. So, be prepared to learn and earn a lot.

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