What does a VPN Hide?

Most people are getting more concerned about their internet privacy but don’t really know what does a VPN hide?’. Fortunately, a virtual private network (VPN) can help you remain hidden and private when browsing the internet, thereby keeping you private and safer on the internet.

It is paramount to be security cautious in our present world. When you enable a VPN, it can provide online privacy and more security by helping hide your online identity. Through enrycption of your web traffic and internet traffic.

Third parties will only be able to view the IP address of the remote VPN. This prevents them from viewing your personal information, location, or browser history.

By default, all your online activities are not encrypted. Most people might not find this as a major issue. For instance, for those residing in Europe, GDPR laws protect their privacy in some advanced ways. At the same time, you should remember that there are lots of hackers on the internet.

It is estimated that the world lost more than $600 billion last year as a result of direct cybercrime. With that in mind, you need to protect what you do from third parties, including governments and hackers.

What does a VPN Hide: What is the meaning of a VPN?

A VPN gives users online privacy and anonymity by forming a private network from a public internet connection. VPNs can hide your internet protocol (IP) address, making all you do online to be virtually untraceable. Most important, VPNs create secure and encrypted connections to provide higher privacy.

It is a way used to connect different networks found separated from the internet. By using security protocols, providing confidentiality of the information that passes through the network system. Not only are VPNs more important than ever before, but they’re also more affordable.

You need to take note that VPNs don’t only protect your data. They can help you access the free internet, overcome censorship blocks, and use other IPs from other locations in the world. Even when you live in a country that has strict censorship rules. VPNs are getting more popular as cybersecurity tools are used to increase online privacy.

Does a vpn hide the websites you visit?

5 Most Important things VPN Hides:

1. VPN hides your Internet Service Provider ISP – IP address

Your IP address is the unique address of your computer on the internet.

When accessing the internet, all your online activities can link back to your IP address. This includes, activities such as web searches, web visits, social media activities etc.

When you use a VPN, it will hides your ip address and protect your personal data. This is done by assigning an ip address from the VPN server’s ip pool. Being anonymous can help you avoid ISPs, websites, marketers, search engines, and hackers from tracking your activities on the web.

When you use vpn connections, you’ll receive a new IP address, and as far as the rest of the world is concerned, that’s your real IP address. There is no way for anyone to use your IP address to track you down once you’re connected to a VPN.      

2. VPN hides your location

Since your IP address reveals where you’re connecting to the internet from, a VPN can help to hide this information. IPS have a limited number of IP addresses. They are assigned (usually) by selecting a particular location. This makes it easy for some organizations to track down users so they can serve them personalized ads.

Most of those ads are annoying and not applicable to us. Therefore, with a VPN, you can show those tech companies that you are at a different location.

3. VPN hides your data

A vpn server encrypts your online data, as you surf the internet, the data is unencrypted. Therefore, anybody that accesses your data can listen to your audio files, see websites you’ve visited online, go through your messages, and so on.

Most services provide some forms of security – for instance, payment processors use encryption technology, and also websites having SSL certificates. However, that’s not guaranteed. Most of the time you’re surfing the internet, your data is transparent and easy to access.

This means that anyone can get a hold of your, including the government and other major world organizations. With the intention to spy and sell your data. This list also includes your internet service provider, who can easily gain access to all your online activities.

Additionally, third party companies can also access your data. They mine your data to servers that pass your data en route to its final destination. With various organizations potentially getting to access your data, and with few restrictions, a VPN does a great deal to help your online security.

4. VPN hides your internet history

You might wonder why you’ll need a VPN to cover your internet tracks when you can simply delete your internet caches, cookies, and history. Even when you are deleting data, it does not guarantee your privacy.enough tech knowledge can access your activities, even if you’ve cleared your search history.

It is easy to track your online activities, even after clearing your search data. Almost all your online activities can be traced back to you. When you change or encrypt your IP address, a VPN will help you to hide your internet history.

5. VPN hides your social media identity

Today, social media has advanced beyond just a platform for checking up on your friends and loved ones. It is now an avenue for people that have a voice to speak up against things that they feel are not proper.

The physical world itself is not so safe, that is why you need to regularly keep your comments on social media sites anonymous. Remember that this is just one of the various reasons you could want to become online.

It is not everybody that is a human rights activist. Nonetheless, when you need to hide your online identity, you will require more than just a smart pseudonym.

When you change your real name in the comment section, you have not hidden anything! The site’s admin can still easily find out your identity. But with a VPN, you can hide your identity by changing your IP address, even on your mobile device. It would be harder for anybody to track you with an encrypted IP address.

What does a VPN Hide: Benefits of using a VPN

Bypass filters and blockers

In some parts of the world, internet censorship is a real thing and this means that someone is controlling what the user is doing. This is why you need to use a VPN that can bypass blocked websites and internet filters.

Better performance

A good VPN doesn’t only guarantee online security, it also improves things such as bandwidth and efficiency. More efficient performance is something that is a desirable experince.

Better security

VPN has various benefits such as increasing your safety and privacy online as you surf the internet. When you’re connected to a public WiFi network, it is best to do so using a Virtual Private Network. This will mask your real location and encrypt your data from potential intruders.

Remote access

When you make use of a VPN, it shows that your data can be accessed remotely from any country. This allows you to access your content if there is any restriction on the website. A VPN can increase the productivity of an organization because the workers will not have to be in a particular location to become productive.

Purchase of cheap tickets

One big secret that most people don’t know is that they can use a VPN to purchase cheap flight tickets that are exclusive to only a specific location. All reservation centers and airline operators have various prices for various locations. To get a cheap flight ticket, look for a location that has a low cost of living then compare it with your current location.

Protected file sharing

By using a VPN, you can share files with other users over longer periods without worrying about data theft or exposure.

What does a VPN Hide: Conclusion

Today, the internet is filled with various dangers. It may sound paranoid; however, there is always one person or the others trying to take a look at your online activities. Some have no idea how to do this, but others are well equipped to get the browsing data of others.

We have shown you the various things a VPN can do, and the benefits of using such vpn service. Hopefully, now you know its importance.

Most users are looking for the best ways to avoid being tracked when browsing the internet. A VPN will be one of the best solutions for this. To protect and prevent third parties from tracking your activities online, use a VPN.

There are various free VPNs available. But the trouble faced by the free version is that the location options are few with lots of limitations. It is therefore best to pay for a great VPN to ensure good connectivity, speed, and quality data protection.

A VPN may have a complex technology, but its major role is quite straightforward. It encrypts and reroutes your data through an anonymous relay found somewhere else. This makes it impossible for third parties to look at your identity or activity online.

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