10 Most in–Demand AI and Machine Learning Jobs in 2020

Learn about the top 10 Most in–Demand AI and Machine Learning Jobs in 2020. general public may want to take an interest in this niche.

There will be an increase of job demands in the AI and Machine Learning field and as a direct result of this, more interest in being displayed in the this niche so we research and present 10 Most in–Demand AI and Machine Learning Jobs in 2020

With the rapid growth in the technology space, there has been increased interest in artificial intelligence both as a technology as well as a creator of jobs. The number of posts in artificial intelligence and machine learning continues to grow as more and more tech companies started to take the digital route. Still, the point of concern remains that there are not enough candidates to fill up these positions.

In my opinion, this has happened because there is not enough been showed by job seekers to level off the demand that has been created by employers. So today we’ve decided to tell you about the ‘top 10 job trends for AI and Machine Learning’ and their average salaries.

So Let’s get started…

1.   Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are also called advanced programmers, and their duty is to develop artificial intelligence systems, and that can learn from data sets and apply what they learn. The average salary for machine learning engineer is $142,859 per year.

2.   Deep Learning Engineer

Deep learning engineers use deep learning platforms to develop programming tech systems that can mimic brain functions. And for that purpose, they develop neural networks, which are data structures that simulate the structure of the human brain. The average salary for deep learning engineers is $140,230 per year.

3.   Senior Data Scientist

The senior data scientist plays a managerial role where he/she manages the work of junior data analysts. The senior data scientists do research, design, implement and deploy full-stack scalable data analytics visions. The average pay for senior data scientists is around about $126,397 per year.

4.   Computer Vision Engineer

Computer vision engineer has an average income of almost $126,400 per year. The job of a computer vision engineer is to deal with computers can be programmed to achieve a higher level of understanding with the help of digital images and videos.

5.   Data Scientist

The data scientists professionals are specialized mathematician, highly skilled computer scientists, who can easily spot trends in data. They are highly sought-after and are well-paid. The average salary for a data scientist is $134,346 per year.

6.   Algorithm Developer

Algorithms play a very vital role in the technological world, and algorithms are the basis for every computer program in existence. So for the smooth working of algorithms, algorithm engineers play a crucial role. The average salary of an algorithm engineer is $109,313 per year, and the average salary of an algorithm developer is $121,500 per year.

7.   Junior Data Scientists

Junior data scientists work along with senior data scientists in the same company. Their average salary in the United States is $81,527 per year. They are guided and advised by senior data scientists.

8.   Developer Consultants

Developer consultants provide their expert technical advice to the software engineers in the company after consultation with clients. Developer consultants are usually hired to solve business problems. According to Glassdoor, the salary of a software development consultant is $80,018 per year.

9.   Data Science Director

Data science director is responsible for the entire data science team, including the junior and senior data scientists and data engineers. The estimated average pay of data science director is $160,611 per year.

10. Lead Data Scientist

They are usually the in-charge of a technical team of data scientists, and they help to plan data projects and build predictive models and analytic systems. Lead data scientists salaries can range from $156,247 to $193,384 per year.

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As you can see it’s all about data: the ability to understand, gather & extrapolate meaning from data. And we are experiencing the explosion of data that is only expanding second by second. To tackle this data, we need to prepare ourself in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Hopefully this article on ‘10 Most in–Demand AI and Machine Learning Jobs in 2020‘ has given the viewers a better understanding on what path maybe best for them in the near future.

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