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What is Grey Box Penetration Testing?

Grey Box Penetration Testing (also known as gray box testing) is a form of system testing that incorporates the advantages of both white box...

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been around privately for many years, but with the increase of public consumptions. Curiosity and a desire to learn about the subject matter has and will see a growing trend.

Cyber Security

One of the fastest-growing sectors in IT. Cyber Security as we all now have become aware of has caused much commotion in the world of IT. Due to the introduction of Cloud computing and different forms of infrastructure management, illegal activity has taken a newer form in cyber security. Theft has taken a new form and to tackle these miscellaneous activities, FinsliQ Blog researchers stay alert to new findings

What is Grey Box Penetration Testing?

Grey Box Penetration Testing (also known as gray box testing) is a form of system testing that incorporates the advantages of both white...

What is Black Box Penetration Testing?

In a Black Box Penetration Testing, the tester is given no details at all. In this case, the pen tester mimics the behaviour...

What is White Box Penetration Testing?

White box penetration testing is also known as clear-box, open-box, auxiliary, and logic-driven testing. It's the polar opposite to black-box research in that...


DevOps has been picking up steam for the last 4 years and counting, Companies are moving away from monolith services to more efficient microservices that are more scalable and efficient.

Big Data

Storage is growing at a fast pace and has been increasing with the use of cloud storage, provided by dedicated data centers. Since big data has emerged over the past decade major areas have evolved and the need to stay informed is very crucial in certain cases.

Programming Language

For years programming language is one of the most feared topics and skillsets. Many people look at a screen with a set of coding. FinsliQ Blog aims to educate and provide informative information that can at least provide the platform for a better understanding of concepts and the availability in the coding world.

What is Graphics Programming?

You may not know of any interactive type of coding that is graphics programming. It is an easy-to-learn technique used for various purposes....

What is the Waterfall Process

The Waterfall Process, it’s History, Usages, Their Advantages, and Disadvantages.How did it start?The waterfall process was first time introduced by Dr. Winston W....

Learn about JavaScript Programming Language | JavaScript

Learn about JavaScript Programming Language in this blog. JavaScript was originally known as “Live Script”. It became JavaScript in 1995. It was designed...

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is no longer a new topic since the adoption of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Aws, and many other cloud service providers. The topic, however, is evolving. Services are being added, features are being updated and 3rd party vendors plugins are a part of the growth.

What is DaaS Cloud Computing?

Are you looking for information about DaaS in cloud computing (Desktop-as-a-Service) and wondering whether it’s the right cloud computing model for your organisation?...

What is a PaaS model in cloud computing?

Are you wondering what is the PaaS model in cloud computing (Platform-as-a-Service) and whether it’s the right option for your organisation? It’s a...

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